College life is an exciting and challenging time for young adults. It is a time to spread your wings, learn the skills that will lead to a career, and discover the person you are to become. For many students it is the first time to be independent. College life is the first real sense of being in control of your own life and decision making. College life is most notably known for as a time to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Post-secondary education party scene is one that most adults never forget and often reminisce about. The dangerous issue regarding college students and alcohol use is the massive amount of binge drinking. Binge drinking is an incredibly dangerous activity that most college students, and even their parents, consider to be normal ‘healthy’ student activity. Indiana has been working a multi-tiered approach to reduce the amount of drinking and fight the ongoing culture of drinking.

Indiana’s Fight Against Binge Drinking

Recent reports state that Indiana Universities have seen notable decline in binge drinking in the 2.5 years that the programs have been implemented. On-campus freshmen have reported consuming a reduced number of alcoholic beverages per week, in the percentage of those who drank at least once a week, and in proportion of those engaging in binge drinking in the previous week. Indiana, like the rest of the country, witnesses a level of danger related to alcohol consumption in and around the college towns. Poor health, poor academic performance, riskier and more irresponsible behavior are all consequences of increased alcohol consumption and drinking culture surrounding these college towns. The problem with binge drinking and drinking culture in Indiana was attacked on a mutli–leveled plan. It focused on the individual by providing a mandatory online class. At the peer level, by providing special training for resident assistants. Finally, at the environmental level by creating educational campaigns that combined community and university resources. Researchers from national agencies believe that a multi-tiered program is best for fighting the rising problem with alcohol abuse. The study is still at the experimental level, but shows significant promise.

Statistics from the Program Against Problematic Drinking

The average number of drinks consumed in a week declined by 15.9% for freshmen, but only 7.5% for the comparison group. The percentage of students who drank at least once a week declined by 17.5% for the freshmen compared to 6.7% for the comparison group. The percentage of students binge drinking declined by 12.2% among freshman and by 1% for the comparison group. Professionals are encouraged by the findings of the study, but there are still several problems. Freshmen in the study did not have any significant changes in attitudes towards drinking in the sense of: helping them connect with others, a tool for male or female bonding, or that it helps people have more fun. The comparison group did not show any significant percentage change in perceptions on dealing with stress or creating more connections with peers.

College Alcohol Posters

Over-consumption can lead dangerous situations. It is imperative that young adults understand the dangers of alcohol and conduct themselves accordingly. The implementation of educational posters at Indiana colleges can help students make the right decisions. Protecting young adults from danger relating to alcohol consumption is the first and foremost objective of these educational slogans. Even if just one student decides not to have another drink, stay with a group of friends, refuses to get into a drunk-driven car, or call for help, then the posters and the multi-tiered program are worth it.



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