Survey of the Most Drug Free Campuses and Where Indiana Ranks

A drug free campus sign

Drugs and alcohol abuse is running rampant in the United States. The rise in prescription drug abuse has hit historic levels. The damage that opiate and heroin addiction are causing across the country, especially in south Indiana, is cataclysmic. More and more young adults are being exposed to an inordinate amount of substance abuse every day, which is effecting their development. This translates into what these individuals are more willing to experiment with when they grow older. Most young adults will move on from their home towns and go to a college or University to grow as an individual. College life is significantly different from home/high school and is inundated with exciting experiences. As generations come and go, the idea of college has transformed into what it is now. Thanks to popular culture, movies, and music college life is not the center for advanced learning and knowledge. Instead, it is the place teenagers go to get away from their parents and experience new things; mainly drugs and alcohol. Campuses are now centers for drug and alcohol experimentation, abuse, and addiction. The rise in substance abuse on college campuses has given rise to students developing dependency issues, which have affected their ability to stay, focused on school. Surveys have been created to test the levels and rankings of college campuses drug use and abuse.

Survey of Most Drug Free Campuses

NICHE is a company that provides reviews and insights from experts on neighborhoods, colleges, k-12 schools and more. The company works diligently to provide the best information for individuals looking to make important life decisions. The group uses the expertise of everyday experts. Insight from millions of students, parents, and professionals help everyday citizens make tough life decisions. They provide the results of their help to others in real-life grades, scores and next steps of individuals who have utilized their system. Their survey on most drug free campuses can help individuals choose the best college institution that is right for them. It ranks 1,177 colleges based on four statistics and approximately 300,000 student opinions from 80,000 students. Their systems shows high ranking schools as those that have the lowest  drug and alcohol usage, which does not pay a role in student life, little peer pressure, and low reports of drug and alcohol related incidents. The factors that the survey considers are: student survey responses, drug related arrests, alcohol related arrests, alcohol related referrals, and drug related referrals. According to the rankings the top ten colleges/universities were: Brigham Young University-Idaho, Brigham Young University-Utah, Biola University-California, Bob Jones University-South Carolina, Brigham Young University-Hawaii, Southwestern Assemblies of God University-Texas, Cedarville University-Ohio, Wheaton college-Illinois, Oral Roberts University-Oklahoma, and Moody Bible Institute-Illinois. As one can tell from the names of the institutions, the religious based colleges have the lowest amount of drug and alcohol related issues. The bottom ten institutions were: CUNY City College of New York-New York, La Sierra University-California, Concordia University-Chicago, Penn State Brandy-Wine-Pennsylvania, Oklahoma Christian University-Oklahoma, Point Loma Nazarene University-California, Universidad Del Turbo-Puerto Rico, Messiah College-Mechanicsburg-Pennsylvania, Ouachita Baptist University-Arizona, Azusa Pacific University-California, and St. Joseph’s College-New York. These Universities were the bottom one-hundred of the list. They were very diverse, but included more institutions within major city limits.

Indiana College/University Rankings

Indiana Colleges and Universities ranked in various segments of this top one-hundred list. Perdue University-North Central in Westville, IN was ranked at number 88. Indiana University-Northwest in Gary, IN was ranked at number 73. Huntington University in Huntington, IN was ranked at 67. Indiana University-Kokomo in Kokomo, IN was ranked at 51. Indiana Wesleyan, Grace College and Seminary, Bethel College, Olivet Nazarene, and Taylor University finish out the top one-hundred most drug and alcohol influenced institution, respectively at 34, 31, 24, 23, and 16. Choosing a college or university to continue your education is a difficult task. Several factors must be analyzed before making that decision. The NICHE survey should be included in your decision, to reduce the chance of choosing a college or university that has a high level of substance abuse.



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