Substance-Free Housing: Can it Fight Opioid Abuse on Indiana College Campuses

The world today almost requires an individual to go to college and get a higher education. Some people are able to find their way into a successful career without college, but most high school students are working towards getting accepted into a good university of their liking. Indiana residents are no different. What is different is the rising and epidemic levels of prescription drug and illicit drug use and abuse in the state. Indiana is dealing with the worst outbreak of prescription painkiller and heroin abuse/addiction in its history. Drug abuse and addiction have much further reaching problems than simply destroying the lives of the addict for a few years or even their entire lives. Addiction is much more complicated than that. The rising problems with drug abuse and addiction have forced many to drop out of college or forgo it entirely. Drug abuse and addiction is highly concentrated in the age range of high school and college students. Substance-free housing offers struggling drug addicts and those in recovery a way to continue their education in a safe environment.

Substance Abuse, Addiction and College Campuses

The college years are a time where students go out into the world to ‘discover’ the person they are going to be. During the time where they are gaining life skills, education and other skills necessary for a career they are also partying. Some colleges boast how much of a party school they are to increase enrollment. College is still a place for enlightenment, study and research, but it has also grown into a colossus of business. College sports bring in billions of dollars every year. Keeping enrollment high is not difficult when prospective students see how much fun these colleges can be. The party scene on college campuses can be quite massive and Indiana has several large colleges. Stopping the partying or reducing students’ enthusiasm to engage in these dangerous practices would be futile. When some colleges are doing is offering students a drug and alcohol free atmosphere to continue their education.

Substance-Free Housing

Indiana is battling the worst outbreak of prescription drug addiction and heroin problem it has ever witnessed. As such, the rate of college dropout, expulsion and addiction has increased rapidly. How can the state combat such an immense problem. The state’s best experts estimate it will take a decade to overcome the damages that prescription drug abuse and heroin addiction have caused. Substance-free housing is being employed at a number of different colleges across the nation with resounding success. By offering substance-free housing option those who are suffering from an addiction or in recovery can continue to work on their college degree in a safe environment. These housing options do not allow any substances and house like-minded students. They offer a variety of activities that are great alternates to the usual substance filled frivolities of college life. This is a wonderful program that should be implemented at all Universities across the country.

Prospective College Students

Anyone on the verge of moving on to a four year University should weigh their options carefully. College is important to a future and is very expensive. Substance-free housing can help addicted Hoosiers better their future and keep them safe from the temptation of substance abuse. It is also a great resource for those looking to keep their focus on school and not be carried away by the activities that could lead them down a dangerous path. Drug abuse and addiction are very serious and real issues facing Indiana citizens. By providing this type of housing it could reduce the number of addicts in the state.



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