Study to Focus on the Obstacles of Addiction and Recovery for Teens in Indiana

Substance abuse and addiction are not new problems in the United States. Since this wonderful experiment of democracy started there has always been issues of substance abuse, and much further in the past. It has been part of human nature to distort reality with legal and illegal substances. At the present time in history, the country (Indiana in particular) is fighting the worst outbreak of drug abuse and addiction. Indiana is fighting record-setting opioid addiction, which has been labeled an epidemic. Local and state governments are working to combat these issues, but many professionals believe the fight will last several years. The damage that has been caused will require complex, long-term solutions/programs to begin reversing the chaos that drugs have wrought on Hoosier lives. The University of Indiana is joining in this battle. They have won a grant to fund a study that will focus on the obstacles of addiction and recovery in teens. Addiction is beginning at a very young age and causing severe destruction to the developing youth. This study can help to shed more light on the issue of addiction and recovery for those suffering from an addiction.

The Teen Resilience Project

The grant, $300,000, will fund The Teen Resilience Project that focuses on addiction and recovery for teens between the ages of 13 and 18. This study will be conducted by the College of Applied Behavioral Sciences at the University of Indiana. Distress Intolerance is the issue that this study will focus on; it is the negative emotional response of those going through addiction treatment. Assistant Professor Katherine Kivisto will be heading the study and believes that teens who use drugs and alcohol to cope with negative feelings have the most problems with addiction. She hopes the study will show the relationship between drug craving, searching and consuming and Distress Intolerance. The study will work with one of the oldest non-profit addiction treatment centers in Indiana. This is a partnership that helps students get hands on experience with those suffering from addiction. The study will conduct detailed assessments of the 135 patients and a six-month follow-up. The assessments will require patients and their parents to determine their levels of craving and any relapses.

The partnership of the University of Indiana and Fairbanks treatment center helps uncover a deeper understanding of addiction and recovery. The communication between the two allows for a hands-on experience in psychology and mental health counseling. The research conducted by Professor Kivisto and the program helps to expand the understanding of behavior related to addiction and recovery in young adults. This is an incredibly complex issue, which is still in its infantile stage. The research itself could change the way the country addresses and views addiction.

Addiction in Indiana

The Indiana Youth Institute has studied the extent of the drug problem in the state. It has found that some 65% of high school students have experimented with alcohol before graduation, 40% have smoked cigarettes, and 38% have used marijuana. The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that prescription drugs are the second most popular drug of choice for high school students, behind nicotine and marijuana. Addiction and substance abuse are dangerous and a very real issue in today’s society.  Choices Recovery provides a variety of services for those suffering from addiction either directly or indirectly. Contact them 1 (844) 736-8541 for information regarding many different aspects of addiction and for guidance in achieving recovery.



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