Every aspect of life is a competition, whether you believe it or not. School and education is one of the most competitive areas of life. Every grade counts, even at the lower grades. As such educators are assessing performance starting in the lower grade levels. Students who underperform are given added attention and/or their parents are instructed to become involved. Many young adults have difficulty focusing on a task for a long period of time and may ‘require’ medication. Attention deficit disorder and Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are common issues that thousands of children are being treated for, but the medications for these drugs are being used on a much larger scale. The prescription drugs that are used to treat ADD and ADHD allow those suffering from those issues to calm down and focus on a task. When the medications are taken by those without these issues the drug creates a feeling of focus and added drive. For these reasons, ADD medications have been abused by many students looking to increase test scores and provide more focus for study. The trouble is that these drugs do not increase test scores and can cause serious long term damage. Study drug abuse is causing several dangerous consequences to which many Indiana students are not aware.

Study Drugs

The stress to perform at a high level in college has pushed many young adults to use study drugs to increase test scores. Students have been taking medications used for Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder because the drugs are known to increase focus. These drugs are central nervous system stimulants that help those with these disorders focus. A decade ago they were considered the sit-still-in-school-drug and still are today, but are being prescribed at escalated rates. Students without these disorders, when they take the drug, experience heightened energy and increased focus. Many believe that the drug helps them to stay up and focused longer, which will better their study habits. The recreational use of these drugs is incredibly dangerous. They do not realize how dangerous the drug is because they see it the way the Federal Drug Agency does; it is safe for public consumption. In reality, it is only safe for those suffering from those disorders. Although, taking any medication for extended periods of time is dangerous.

Potential Danger Students Could be Facing

Prescription medications used to treat ADD and ADHD create their desired effects by working on chemicals in the brain and central nervous system. A major concern for those abusing these drugs is that it is priming the brain for future drug abuses and addiction. By abusing prescription medications such as Vicodin or other ADD medications, students are paving the way for marijuana, cocaine and alcohol abuse and addiction. These drugs create effects that involve dopamine and sensations of pleasure, which can cause them to change their behavior. Drug searching and consuming is the common effect of substance abuse and eventual addiction. Many young adults have experienced a number of negative behavioral defects as a result of abusing study drugs. There are reports of students experiencing psychosis, mood swings, aggression and suicidal thoughts. Many reports have confirmed student suicides, after abuse and addiction to ADHD medication. Studies have reported that long term abuse of these drugs can change the makeup of genes permanently. It has even been confirmed that these altered genes can be passed onto offspring; meaning that addiction ‘gene’ can be passed on hereditarily. As the body becomes accustomed to the drug it needs more and more of it. A person becomes dependent and then addicted, which requires them to increase dosage and frequency of taking the medication. If you or someone you know is abusing study drugs speak with a professional immediately.



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