Why Smoking Marijuana with Your Siblings is a Bad Idea

Brother and sister smoking weed

The family dynamic differs from family to family, but one thing remains constant: family looks out for one another. As a sibling, oldest or youngest, it is a known fact that you are to look out for your brothers and sisters. While you are not your siblings’ keeper, or necessarily responsible for them, it is the job of siblings to watch over others. As a sibling, it is important to help brothers and sisters make the right decisions, help them when they need it and try to keep them safe. Older siblings have greater responsibilities because of their increased level of intelligence and experience. That experience enables the older siblings to show the younger ones paths to help them succeed. It also means introducing them to new experiences that are beneficial to their growth, which is why smoking marijuana with your siblings is a bad idea.

Role Model

Having brothers and sisters is a gift that should be cherished. You are given an individual that loves you unconditionally and vice versa. Therefore, as a gift, it is important to treat it as it should. This means being a proper role model, whether you are older or younger. Being a proper role model is important because siblings often imitate and justify the things they do based on other siblings. As such, it is important to set a good example. By smoking marijuana with a sibling you are setting the precedent that it is ok to use illicit drugs and lie about it.


Depending on the family structure, your responsibilities as a sibling will vary. In most families, the oldest child carries a fair share of responsibility over the younger siblings. As a caretaker, your job is to look out for the well-being of your sibling. By smoking marijuana with them, you are doing the opposite and putting them in harm’s way. First, marijuana has been discovered to have addictive qualities. Second, marijuana consumption and possession is still illegal. By smoking with your siblings, you are putting them in legal harm’s way.

Slippery Slope

Even though marijuana is commonly seen as a non-addictive or dangerous drug, it is still very dangerous. It has been proven to be addictive and alters the way the mind functions. For good reasons, it is also known as has a gateway drug. By smoking marijuana with siblings, you may create a pathway that leads them towards more dangerous substances. Marijuana use is a very slippery slope in that, using it can lead (progressively fast) into using and abusing other drugs.

How They Handle It

Drug use is very complicated because the drugs themselves are never ‘exactly’ what they say they are. For example, marijuana users do not know for certain if the marijuana they purchase is 100% marijuana or is laced/mixed with something else. Equally dangerous is the fact that you do not know the effects the drug will have on some people. Smoking marijuana with siblings can be dangerous to their health and their future in more ways than one.

Your Prescription is Not Theirs

In today’s world, the laws that govern marijuana possession and use have been decreased, allowing for individuals to legally use it. That being said, if you have a prescription for marijuana, then you and you alone, are allowed to use and possess it. By sharing with siblings, you put them at risk for legal trouble that you are exempt from. Smoking marijuana with your siblings can be hazardous to their legal standings and legal futures.



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