Should Indiana College Students be Drug Tested to Receive Scholarships

Drug test result form

Leaving your home for the first time and going off to college is a big deal. For many high school students it is the biggest event of their early lives. The leading up and preparing for college time is ambiguous and tantalizing. The rise in tuition rate has many students applying for scholarships and financial aide to help them cover the costs. Since there is a rise in students to applying for these opportunities is rising there is less money to go around, which has brought some individuals to raise the question. Should college students be drug tested to receive scholarships? It is no surprise that a large majority of high school students abuse drugs and alcohol. College life, to make matters worse, has evolved into an institution for wild experimentation and rebellion. When students who already experiment with drugs and alcohol in high school they are much more susceptible to risky behavior when they are out on their own. Giving some of these students’ scholarships and financial aide could not only be helping them to further their abuses or addiction, but keep other children from that aide. Here are the advantages and disadvantages of this hypothetical program.


Drug testing incoming college students before they receive aide and go off to college has some advantages. The first advantage of a mandatory drug test for students applying for aide would be to discover drug abuses and addictions. This would help young adults too ashamed or afraid of telling their parents to get the help they may need. This would help them prevent any danger they were setting themselves up for. For other students who admit to their abuses would be learning to mature; they will understand that it is ok to ask for help. It is also important for students to learn and build on their early mistakes, as soon as possible, so that those smaller mistakes do not snow ball into larger irreversible ones. College is difficult; if it were easy everyone would be doctors and lawyers. It is best that students go into each and every course sober with a clean and self-confident mind. Drug use and addiction creates an isolated individual lacking self-confidence. In terms of the actually monetary value in this aide it is only fair to the school, donor, and student who did not receive the benefits to give it to someone that is completely disserving of that aide.


Mandatory drug testing could put some people on edge. There have been several reported cases of teenagers who use marijuana to help them ease anxiety or hyper-activeness. While their use of illicit substances is illegal, they do so because they are unhappy and uncomfortable with the way prescription medications make them feel. Students who qualify for aide deserve that aid. Their grades, attendance, and extra-curricular are put in place for that reason, therefore added drug tests are unfair. Many individuals find it insulting and intrusive to have to take a drug test.

Drugs and College

College can be the most fun, yet trying four years of a student’s life. Drug abuse and addiction can make those years much more difficult; it can also force students to extend their stay. The clearer headed a student is the better they are equipped to handle the rigors of college courses. Individuals who sully their gifted aide because they chose drugs also limit that needed help to others who were not using drugs. The discussion of drug testing college entries before they are awarded aide is still up for debate, although the scale seems to weigh more on the side of drug testing.



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