College is an institution for the betterment of young adults. These are facilities that shape and mold the future contributors to our society. In college, students learn the knowledge and skills that will help them be better Americans. It is also considered a time for young adults to ‘find’ themselves. The bounds and restrictions of their hometown, childhood friends, and constrictive parental controls are gone. For many young adults, this is a time to be free to experiment. Most young college students experiment with drugs and alcohol. College has grown to be known as a time for partying. When high school students begin looking at schools many look towards bigger well known party schools as top options. This strategy can often land them in a world of trouble. Ever year various organizations or magazines publish lists of the wildest party schools in the nation. They also report the schools with the most on-campus drug and alcohol arrests. How does Indiana colleges rate? What does this say about Indiana and other schools around the nation?

Indiana College Ranking

Every college is unique to itself in that it offers different environments for drugs and alcohol activities. Young college students can be overly generalized into one group of wild, drug consuming individuals. The truth is that each institution has a particular propensity to gravitate to a specific type of drug or drug related activities. Researching this topic and creating a map and list was a difficult task because the study must account for government and academic data. The majority of the highest drug related on-campus incidents cluster around the Midwest and the Northeast of the United States. Indiana does not have a college or University in the top fifty on-campus drug arrests per 1,000 students. In terms of most on-campus alcohol arrests per 1,000 students, Indiana’s Indiana University of Bloomington is number 42 and Vincennes University is number 49. Those statistics alone show that Indiana is a very safe and responsibility conscious post-secondary setting. Indiana colleges rate very well considering the list of Universities on this list. Indiana’s Universities are very large and prestigious settings for post-secondary education and athletics. This data reaffirms the high standard to which Indiana’s Universities hold themselves.

Choosing Post-Secondary Education Setting

It is paramount that families consider all the aspects to post-secondary education before committing to a school. More and more young adults are finding themselves in more debt from student loans that they are unable to handle. Choosing the proper school and direction of education is becoming essential in starting life out on the right foot. Even more horrifying is the number of young adults going into post-secondary education with addictions or well on their way to becoming an addict. The way young adults are medicated, especially at the age in which they start, is breeding a new generation of students who are falling into addiction quickly. It is no secret that colleges and Universities today are hotbeds for alcohol and drug experimentation. It has grown to the point that many even consider it a rite of passage.

As a result, families should be more diligent in analyzing the post-secondary institution to which they are sending their students. Even more important is making sure young adults are now falling victim to addiction. Young adults who do not seem capable of handling the responsibility that comes with going off to school should consider a smaller, closer to home two-year program before committing to a larger, more independent style four-year institution. The health and well-being of young Americans is imperative to the growth of the country.



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