Rise in prescription drug abuse is creating a new generation of drug abusing and drug addicted young adults. The ease and relaxed state of taking prescription drugs, even at incredibly young ages, is making young adults dependent on drugs before they leave high school. This problem is getting even worse as students transition to a college lifestyle. The lack of supervision and structure can send students off the deep end. There are a rising number of students who are entering or reentering college life in recovery. Getting treatment for addiction is a critical step in getting the help they need to overcome addiction. That treatment must be continuously practiced to reduce the chance of relapse. Those in recovery who are going into an Indiana college have a difficult task ahead of them. There are a number of different programs and strategies that Indiana college students in recovery can practice to deal with the pressures of college.

Sober Living and Determined Friends

The first technique to stay sober and happy in Indiana colleges is to find like-minded people. It is much easier than most people would think. There are a number of different activities and programs that Universities provide to keep students from engaging in dangerous substance abuse practices. By engaging in these activities students can find others that are interested in the same fun, sober living. Dorm living is a chaotic way to live life. For some it is fun to be right in the middle of the action, but for most the small facilities, constantly sick neighbors and rowdy hall mates is too much to handle. Living off campus is a wonderful to get the peace and quiet needed for studying and also for living sober. The culture of partying is more prevalent in dorms than anywhere else. By living off campus students put themselves in better positions to combat peer pressure and substance abuse.

Sober Living

Young students who are surrounded by others abusing drugs and alcohol are more likely to engage in that behavior. Add to the fact that most have their bills taken care of and none of them have any supervision. This is a recipe for disaster. Sober dorms are popping up all over the nation. They have proven to provide those suffering with addictive behaviors or substance abuse issues to continue their college career without the dangers of falling victim to addictive behaviors. In Indiana substance abuse and addiction are real life problems. The state is combating the worst outbreak of opioid abuse and addiction. Additionally, the state has witnessed a spike in confirmed cases of HIV and hepatitis. Indiana is creating a generation of new college students that have been exposed to drugs use, abuse and addiction. This is especially dangerous for those entering college having experienced substance abuse and use first hand. By providing sober dorms, Indiana can provide safe learning environments for students looking to go to college, earn a degree, and continue to work on their addictive behaviors. Colleges in other states have witnessed first-hand the positive effects of these programs. Sober dorms can help students regain control over their lives without having setbacks in their futures. These dorms should be made mandatory for all Indiana institutions. If you or someone you know is a student that could be battling a substance abuse issue or addiction seek professional help immediately. These students are destroying their bodies, minds and pushing their dreams of earning a college degree further away. If you suffer from substance abuse issues or are fighting an addiction seek an institution that provides a sober dorm to help you earn a degree and work on your addictive habits.

Dealing with the Stress of School While in Recovery

Carefully choosing your friends and living in a sober living dorm are great ways to reduce the chance of relapse. Friends will continue to help you engage in non-substance abusing activities, while also helping to encourage study. By living in sober dorms you can limit your exposure to alcohol and drug related activities. These two choices are choices that must be made by the recovering addict. Students at college are placed under considerable amount of stress. Professors, advisors and dorm managers are all resources for help. There are also study groups and tutoring centers that can help recovering addicts, as well as other students, handle the stress and pressure that college creates.



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