Sober living educational facilities are gaining popularity across the country. They are expanding their influence as a result of the current drug problem in this nation. More and more young adults are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol before they leave high school. This issue is especially troubling when you consider the next step in their development, college. A majority of high school graduates have aspirations of getting a higher education. In fact, it is something they all believe they need to have a successful career; college education does increase a person’s lifelong income and strength of career. The problem that arises is that the college environment is one encompassed by partying. Popular media and lifestyles have painted college as a place to go wild. Movies, television, and other sources make students believe college is a 24/7 party. How does this affect those struggling with addiction or on the path to an addiction?

It pushes them further in their addiction. The college atmosphere also intimidates students in recovery. New programs are popping up across the country that provides students suffering from substance abuse and addiction a safe haven to continue their education.

Substance Abuse and Addiction

Substance abuse and addiction are now the leading cause of death in the United States. Accidental overdose is causing most of these deaths. More and more young adults are now the victims of this tragic new epidemic. The main culprit is the prescription drug industry, medical professionals and all those in this system. Prescriptions drugs are more available and abundant than ever before. Most families have entire cabinets designated to store their medications. As a result, it is easy for young adults, or anyone else for that matter, to get, sell, use and abuse these drugs. Most addicts start out as recreational drug users; who obtain their first drugs from a family member or friend. Prescription drug and opioid abuse have hit an epidemic level of destruction. It is affecting all levels of society and destroying the futures of many young Americans.

Relapse and College

College has been and continues to be a place where young adults grow and learn. They get to experience life away from their parents, meet new people, try new things and learn skills for their careers. It is also a place where young, energetic people meet to engage in dangerous behaviors. Drug experimentation, use, abuse and problematic drinking habits are common and almost encouraged. Young adults who have substance abuse problems or in recovery have a difficult time navigating these dangerous situations. Relapse is very dangerous for those in recovery and the fear of this happening can be debilitating. Students of all ages must have a safe environment to which they can continue their education.

Educational Safe Havens

Recovering Indiana students fear relapse amid the college partying culture. It is easy to understand, even without witnessing this situation first hand. Those students who are overcoming an issue with drugs and alcohol need a safe haven to continue their educations. It is clear that high education and training is needed to get into a good career. The sober living educational facilities today have provided those in recovery a safe place to get an education. These recovering addicts have been able to achieve higher degrees and have become successful professionals. Those students who fear relapse should look into these sober living education facilities to explore further education. They can provide a safe haven to continue education and introduce them to others who want to live and learn in a drug and alcohol-free environment.



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