Is Promiscuity Related to Substance Abuse

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The complexity of substance abuse and addiction problems means that they are rarely well understood and they are difficult to resolve. An individual who hopes to attend rehabilitation treatment for two to four weeks, during which time they abstain from drug use and participate in some individual and group counseling, and in so doing successfully achieve and maintain sobriety into their future is likely to be sorely disappointed. Successful rehabilitation treatment must guide the individual in addressing and resolving each and every physical, mental and emotional cause and effect of their drug use. Whatever a specific rehabilitation treatment facility or program has to aid an individual in making this journey to recovery, the individual’s own dedication and commitment are vital.

When an individual is unable to successfully achieve and maintain sobriety either on their own or with the help of a professional rehabilitation treatment program, they may begin to assign their difficulties to other sources. They may blame their substance abuse problems on someone or something else, or decide that addiction is a disease or genetic condition that they cannot ever fully recover from and can only learn to live with. Essentially, lacking the full information on exactly how drug use, abuse and addiction occur and how they need to be addressed in order to be fully resolved leaves room for individuals to search out and propose relationships between anything they can think of that may be related to substance abuse.

How Substance Abuse Occurs

Individuals who turn to drug use normally do so in order to cope with a challenge or difficulty that has arisen in their life. Drugs are chemical substances that cannot handle the problems for which they are taken, but are designed to suppress undesirable sensations and stimulate desirable sensations. While initial drug use may occur in order to suppress a problem, drug use often continues because the individual seeks to re-experience the desirable sensations caused by the drug. This can lead to tolerance and substance abuse, wherein the individual no longer experiences the same effects from the same quantity of drug, and is unable to entirely limit or control their drug use. If drug use continues, the individual can soon become dependent upon the drug substance, and no longer has any control over whether they use it, how often they use it, and what quantities they use.

Individuals who are suffering from substance abuse and addiction need help, support and treatment in order to overcome these problems, but enrolling in rehabilitation treatment does not automatically guarantee the individual’s sobriety. They will have to uncover and resolve the many causes and effects of their drug use, and establish the foundation for a sober future by learning life skills that allow them to address challenges and difficulties without returning to drug use. Many individuals who participate in rehabilitation treatment and then relapse into drug use may state that treatment doesn’t work, when the truth is often that they simply did not commit themselves to their full recovery and remain in treatment long enough to fully recover.

Promiscuity and Substance Abuse

Promiscuity is the condition of having more than one intimate partner at a time. It is safe to say that this is an irresponsible and even slightly dangerous lifestyle, as the individual is participating in risky behavior that can lead to physical, mental and emotional health issues for self and for others. It may be true that individuals who participate in promiscuous relationships also participate in substance abuse, but saying that the two are always related is not an entirely factual statement.

An individual who has chosen to participate in a promiscuous lifestyle has made a poor decision, just as an individual who has chosen to participate in drug use has made a poor decision. It is possible that the physical, mental or emotional problems that drive a promiscuous individual into drug use have to do with their lifestyle choices, and the relationship problems that come with it. This does not mean, however, that all individuals involved in promiscuity will eventually wind up in the trap of substance abuse or addiction. An individual who takes responsibility for their life, including all of their decisions and actions in life, is more likely to lead a healthy, happy and productive lifestyle that does not include either promiscuity or substance abuse.



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