New Study Shows a Rise in Heroin Abuse Among Indiana Students

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Drug abuse and addiction affect millions of families across the country every year. Even though that number is massive most of society can say that they do not know what causes addiction. Most American’s state that they do not have a drug problem in their area. They believe their small town or city does not and will not face major problems with drugs like larger urban areas are battling. These presumptions could not be further from the truth. The reality of this ongoing struggle is that drug abuse and addiction are spreading. Small towns and communities are the new battlegrounds of the war on drugs. Research, statistics, and surveys all point to a rise in addiction with a new face. Young adults from affluent neighborhoods are becoming addicted to drugs. The rise in prescription drug experimentation and abuse has paved the way for resurgence of heroin addiction. A new study has shown that heroin abuse among Indiana students is rising.

Prescription Drug Abuse and Heroin

A miracle drug gained popularity during the 1990’s, prescription pain killers. By using a formula based on opiates, the drug was used to treat chronic severe pain. The drug was used to treat individuals suffering from this type of pain, which mainly was the result of cancer. The popularity grew as individuals began using the drug for other types of pain. The drugs were prescribed in large doses for extended periods of time. Prescription opiates are incredibly addicting and caused major issues for consumers. They developed high tolerances for the drug and dependency. Prescription drug abuse transformed into a heroin problem when the government cracked down on irresponsible prescription pain killer consumption and operations. When a prescription drug addict loses access to the drug they must find an alternative. Heroin is cheap, powerful, and readily available. Mexican heroin provided the supply of heroin that these individuals were demanding. Thus was born the resurgence of heroin in the United States. Due to rise of prescription drug abuse in young adults, the face of this new heroin epidemic has changed. Affluent males from middle class America, between the ages of 18 and 25 are the new face of heroin addiction.

Indiana Students Heroin Abuse

There are several parts of Indiana that have witnessed a major spike in heroin abuse and related overdoses. The Center for Disease Control has reported a jump in heroin use across most demographics. It also released the statistic of a 286 percent increase in heroin overdose deaths in the past decade. Young adults are leaving their homes for college with an addiction to pain killers. They lose their access to the drugs and must find a substitute. College is a Mecca for substance abuse and illicit drugs. It is incredibly easy for college students to gain access to heroin. In fact, many heroin dealers move to college towns because of the market and safety that they provide. The dangers of urban living and dealing have pushed many drug dealers to these areas. College students are seen as cash cows to drug dealers and their prescription drug abuses make them prime candidates for heroin experimentation. Most addicts would agree that it only takes a few experiences with heroin to become addicted; as a result these college students are hooked easily. Studies have shown the rise in heroin use among the middle class over the last several years, it was only a matter of time before it hit students.

Overcoming Heroin Addiction

The best way to overcome heroin addiction is prevention. Seeing as prescription drug abuse is the gateway to heroin addiction, it would seem beneficial to attack prescription drugs. Young adults must be educated on the dangers of prescription drug use and abuse. Physicians and pharmacist must work harder and in unison against over-prescribing. Families should practice responsible prescription drug consumption and monitor their medications with scrutiny. Anyone suffering from a prescription drug addiction or heroin addiction should seek professional help immediately before it is too late.



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