Prescription drugs are medications that are used to treat a variety of ailments. These drugs are only available with a prescription from a medical professional. The use and abuse of these drugs have become increasingly popular in the last decade. Big pharmaceutical companies have been pushing these drugs on the public to increase profits. These companies have made billions of dollars in sales of prescription drugs. For many these drugs are incredibly effective at treating the issues they suffer from. In most cases, prescription drugs help those suffering from health problems live happier and healthier lives. Unfortunately these drugs have some dangerous side effects. One of the most dangerous side effects that most of these prescription drugs have is their ability to create tolerance and addiction. The chance of abuse as a result of euphoric sensations entices many to abuse the drug, which can turn into addiction. Young adults have a higher risk to abuse these drugs, as well as students. Pharmacy students and others in the medical profession have high risks for substance abuse as a result of stressful work, education, knowledge of prescription drugs and ease of access to those drugs.

Pharmacy Students and Prescription Drug Abuse

There is a huge percentage of individuals falling to prescription drug abuse and addiction. Indiana is dealing with a drastic increase in substance abuse and addiction of historic proportions. The rise in prescription drug abuse has also lead to more problems with substance abuse. Heroin addiction is on the rise and is directly related to the rise in prescription drug use. Young adults are more likely to abuse drugs than any other age bracket as a result of the inability to weigh the consequences of their actions. Teenagers have a portion of their brain that is underdeveloped. This part of the brain is responsible for determining the consequences of their behavior. As such, they are more likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol. Society’s perception of drugs has lightened in severity over the years with the advancement of modern medicine and technology. This is accented by the prevalence of drugs in modern society. Drug commercials are on every channel at every break. Young adults see how often everyone takes these drugs and how much they are around. Most young adults have easy access to drugs because their families have cabinets full of them.

Young adults are in a perpetual state of stress, anxiety and depression as a result of the pressures that this twenty-first century creates. Pair this stress with the idea that a small pill will make everything better, in addition to not weigh the consequences of your behavior, and you have a perfect storm. Pharmacy students are even more likely to abuse prescription drugs. Pharmacy school, like other medical professions, is very stressful. School alone is tough for these students, but the added anxiety of pending debt can push them towards prescription drug abuse. These students also have a false sense of security since they believe they understand these drugs enough not to be negatively affected by the side-effects. This issue becomes even more dangerous because these students, like others in the medical field, have easy access to prescription drugs. These factors show how Indiana pharmacy students could be fighting prescription drug abuse. Professors must stress the dangers of self-prescribing, abusing drugs and the harm that can befall their careers. There are programs that help medical professionals who are suffering from substance abuse. If you or someone you know could be abusing or addicted to prescription drugs speak with someone immediately. Prescription drug abuse is real and abuse can lead to addiction very quickly.



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