Addiction is a dangerous issue that is affecting millions of American families every year. Sadly only a small percentage of addicts get the professional help they need to overcome addiction. Many addicts find it necessary to get professional treatment in order to overcome their addictions. Substance abuse causes changes to the brain, body and soul of an individual. Many family members have a hard time recognizing a loved one after a period of drug abuse. Getting help does not have to be that difficult. There are thousands of treatment centers across the nation ready and willing to help addicts and their families. New initiatives are being created with the collaboration of colleges and addiction treatment centers. This is giving addicts the chance to engage in college classes while receiving drug treatment.

College Courses for Addicts in Treatment

There are a number of treatment options across the nation that can help addicts get the help they need. Treatment involves a unique system of detox, therapy, counseling and life skill lessons to get an addict to overcome their addiction. College courses fit perfectly in treatment centers because it can help addicts gain self-confidence. Having the opportunity to gain college credits, while receiving treatment for addiction is great. If it were not for some of these types of programs these addicts may never have gotten the chance to start or finish college. Having the chance to better themselves by taking college courses they are able to prepare themselves for a more positive future. Many of these programs started out to offer remedial or basic level courses, but it was soon discovered that many addicts were prepared for college level classes. This program is primed for serious expansion in the near future. The pairing in its initial stages is providing addicts with a great opportunity and has been successful. Recovering addicts must understand that they are in control of their lives. This program gives them great hope for the future.

Should Indiana Colleges Partner with Local Rehabs?

This program seems like a win, win. Addicts get the treatment they need and an education that can help them avoid relapse. Indiana is currently dealing with the worst outbreak of drug abuse and addiction in its history, so a program like this can be very helpful. Prescription drug abuse is the number one gateway drug in America. The popularity of these drugs has been rising since the mid to late 90’s and continues to skyrocket. The drugs were seen as a miracle drug for those suffering from anything from chronic pain to ADHD to severe anxiety or depression. Recent research has uncovered that the drugs are also easy to become addicted to, which is causing the widespread addiction problem in the country. Prescription drugs are dangerous because they are easy to obtain, are seen to be safe and numerous. Most individuals who are abusing or addicted to prescription drugs begin this journey by using them for legal reasons as teenagers. Unfortunately, they overuse or misuse the drug and develop a tolerance to the drug. Individuals who misuse the drug for the side effects find themselves quickly addicted to the chemicals within the prescriptions. These individuals can easily get more of the prescriptions by simply faking an injury, using multiple doctors and even opening up family or friends medicine cabinets. The collection of all these aspects of prescription drugs make them incredibly dangerous. When treatment centers expand their programs by teaming up with local colleges they can provide a more complex program of treatment, which can provide more efficient drug rehabilitation.



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