Substance abuse is a dangerous part of the College Experience. Most colleges do not allow alcohol on the premises. The main reason is that those rooms and apartments on campus are occupied by students who are not older enough to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages. Several colleges in Indiana, and across the nation, are working on making their campuses more sober friendly. They offer activities and other amenities that are substance free. The rise in substance abuse and addiction has led to an increase in abuses and addiction in college. Many young adults are coming into college predisposed to abuse or even addiction.

Substance Abuse in Dorms

The rise of substance abuse and alcoholism in this nation has created a generation of young students who are entering college with a predisposition to further substance abuse and addiction. There is a growing percentage of students who enter college and must drop out due to poor grades and performance. Some of these students try to find a safer atmosphere for their personal situation, but most continue to repeat the behaviors that force them to drop out. This problem is even more troubling considering a large portion of students enter college without a major and even more end up changing their majors before graduation. Image going off to college, not being engaged in studies and then continue to party with everyone else. This is a recipe for disaster. In response to this growing issue many colleges and universities are trying a different route. Institutions are offering students a sober living dorm to help them curb the craving to drink and party. By creating an atmosphere of likeminded individuals all striving for the same goal in college they enable those suffering with substance abuse issues and addiction to succeed in getting a degree.

Sober Roommate Programs

Sober roommate programs are any program that provides students will a service to find and choose roommates based on their extracurricular activities. Those students wishing to engage with likeminded students who are not interested in consuming alcohol can find the perfect roommates for them. There are thousands of young adults who are entering college and also recovering from an addiction. This program would allow them to get involved with others in similar situations and thrive in the college environment. Sober living programs are very new, but can be useful for those battling an addiction who want to further their education without the dangers of temptation and enablers.

Sober Dorms in Indiana

Young students who are surrounded by others abusing drugs and alcohol are more likely to engage in that behavior. Add to the fact that most have their bills taken care of and none of them have any supervision. This is a recipe for disaster. Sober dorms are popping up all over the nation. They have proven to provide those suffering with addictive behaviors or substance abuse issues to continue their college career without the dangers of falling victim to addictive behaviors. In Indiana substance abuse and addiction are real life problems. The state is combating the worst outbreak of opioid abuse and addiction. Additionally, the state has witnessed a spike in confirmed cases of HIV and hepatitis. Indiana is creating a generation of new college students that have been exposed to drugs use, abuse and addiction. This is especially dangerous for those entering college having experienced substance abuse and use first hand. By providing sober dorms, Indiana can provide safe learning environments for students looking to go to college, earn a degree and continue to work on their addictive behaviors. Colleges in other states have witnessed firsthand the positive effects of these programs. Sober dorms can help students regain control over their lives without having setbacks in their futures. These dorms should be made mandatory for all Indiana institutions. If you or someone you know is a student that could be battling a substance abuse issue or addiction seek professional help immediately. These students are destroying their bodies, minds and pushing their dreams of earning a college degree further away. If you suffer from substance abuse issues or are fighting an addiction seek an institution that provides a sober dorm to help you earn a degree and work on your addictive habits.



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