Should Indiana Colleges Consider Banning Energy Drinks to Prevent Substance Abuse

College is a time when young adults get the chance to spread their wings and discover themselves as well as the world. This period of education leads them to understanding what type of person they want to be and provides them with the skills that help them find a career. College has also turned into a time where young adults experiment with drugs and alcohol. This experimentation adds to the already enormous amount of stress that college classes cause. Colleges continue to work to help reduce that stress that students experience and offer services to help them avoid substance abuse and addiction. Recent studies have found that more and more young adults are coming to college with addictions and a predisposition to become addicted. College life and the atmosphere that has been created encourages students to over-indulge in consuming alcohol, experimenting with drugs and engaging in other dangerous activities. As a result of these problems some colleges are banning energy drinks to prevent substance abuse. Should Indiana colleges consider banning energy drinks to prevent substance abuse.

Vermont College Bans Energy Drinks

Mixing energy drinks with alcohol is a dangerous combination. Alcohol is a downer and energy drinks are uppers, this clashing of substance can be hazardous. The combination also encourages high energy inebriation. Many students that consume these drinks stay up all night and it often leads to more trouble. After collecting various forms of statistical data the college found that the solution to these problems, caused by mixing energy drinks and alcohol, the college has decided to ban sales of energy drinks on the campus. The college found that the sales of these drinks lead students to problematic drinking. The study also found that these drinks lead to unhealthy study and behavior like high risk sexual activity. There have been several studies that show how dangerous these energy drinks can be and many cases of cardiovascular problems. The school does not ban the consumption of these drinks, but the students cannot purchase them on campus.

Student Blow-Back from the Ban

Several students have stepped forward to complain about the ban. They state that while these drinks are unhealthy, the school is overstepping their authority. They believe that it is up to the students to decide on what they choose to consume. Some students, in rebuttal for the school stopping the sales of the drink for health reasons, state that fried foods continue to be sold in the commons cafeteria. None the less the beverages are still banned from being sold on the Vermont campus.

Should Indiana Ban Energy Drinks

The statistics are clear that energy drinks are unhealthy. Mixing them with alcohol can be dangerous in more ways than one. Is it up to the school to stop the students from making poor choices? The school can decide on what they choose and choose not to sell. Preventing students from making bad decisions is an impossible task. By limiting their choices of beverages they can purchase on campus will put a dent in their plans to consume those drinks, but anyone who wants one can simply go off campus. Students should not consume these drinks because they are bad, but the school cannot control their students’ actions. However, the school has every right to choose what they will and will not sell. Limiting or eliminating these drinks from campuses can have a positive effect on the student’s behavior. Substance abuse is becoming a major problem for campuses across the country. Small efforts like this can help prevent the student body from continuing on a dangerous path. Indiana should ban energy drinks because they are bad options for energy and have been proven to lead to dangerous study, behavior and drinking habits.



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