It is much easier said than done to sit down with college bound teenagers and discuss the dangers of substance abuse and problematic drinking. It may even seem hypocritical for most parents to forbid or speak out against such behaviors. College has been come to be known as a time for experimentation. After all, after college it is time for children to grow up and enter the real world. Therefore, it is the last place for them to have any ‘real’ fun, right? The problem is that more and more college level students are engaging in some of the most dangerous substance use habits in history. It is true the old days seemed to be much worse, as there was not near as many restrictions and much more freedom, but young adults continue to find creative ways to push the boundaries and live dangerously. That in itself could be a reason for the increased alcohol consumption at the college level, which is witnessed in the frequency and density in which college students consume alcohol.

One of the major contributing factors to problematic drinking on college campuses that is the cause of emergency room visits are drinking games. These games are meant as a way for students to have fun while drinking. It adds another element to the drinking experience. It also creates a level of competition to the drinking habits. Parents can warn their children of these dangers, but most likely will simply spark their curiosity or give them ideas. How do you prevent problematic drinking habits then?

Parents Work is Never Done

The best way to prepare your children for a successful college career that is not filled with drunken debauchery is to keep them occupied. Young adults that are active in sports, religion, community, school and extracurricular activities are more likely to steer away from drugs and alcohol. These individuals are simply too busy to be spending time with those that have free time to be drunk, disorderly and worthless for the next few days while in recovery. That does not mean that parents must go overboard and plan every minute of their lives or be on top of them every second of every day. Rather it means they simply play and active role in their children’s lives. Making sure they are on top of the school work and their grades are good. Thanks to modern technology parents can check grades, progress, upcoming assignments and contact teachers will the tap of a screen anywhere and anytime. Getting more involved can give young adults the tools and mentality to remain active.

Indiana Colleges and Drinking Games

Students that are busy keeping up with school work, sports and activities do not have time to go out to play drinking games and have a ‘bender’. Instead, they will have proper windows of free time to blow off steam with friends in a responsible manner. Colleges should continue to provide and engage students with activities outside of their classrooms. They should push their professors to push students and pull them into studies, research and any other type of activity outside of the classroom. Colleges offer a great number of activities that students can participate in, but they are not required to do so, therefore they should require that every student participate in at least one extracurricular activity, sport or study around their major. These schools would only benefit from having a student body that was engage in all levels of the institution. There are a great many things that students can do and learn in college and that is what they are there for, so pushing them to do so would help everyone and limit the amount of problematic/drinking game activities.



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