College is a wonderful and exciting time for students and their families. It is a time to branch out and explore the world. College students are given the opportunity to explore their own interests, while learning skills that will help them find a career. It is also a time that is becoming known for alcohol and drug experimentation. Substance use and abuse in college life is exploding. College students are finding themselves more susceptible to drug addiction. The rise in prescription drug abuse among young adults, before eighteen years of age, is making college students more likely to use and abuse drugs. On top of their increased aptitude to use and abuse drugs college students are under an increased amount of pressure to perform. This can cause college students to turn to drugs to help them focus and increase their scores.

Attention Deficit Disorder Medication and College Students

College students are being drawn to medications like Adderall in an attempt to increase their scores. The prescription medication is used to help those with Attention deficit disorder or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder focus. The drug is believed to increase focus and prevent fatigue in those who do not have those disorders. Students take the drug when they are preparing for exams to help them focus. The Treatment Helpline has stated that approximately 25% of college students use prescription drugs to help them study. This is a large percentage of college students, but the actual amount is much higher. This image of how he drug works for those without these disorders has been in place for decades. The truth is that there is not any significant evidence that proves these drugs help students focus, stay alert, and help them with their scores. In fact, Treatment Helpline states that those students who do use these drugs report scores of 3.0 or lower. A major issue with the drug and college students, along with society, is the assumption that since the drug is legal it is safe. This could not be any further from the truth. Using and abusing prescription drugs is extremely dangerous. Adderall is a Schedule II substance, according to the Drug Enforcement Agency. Those caught with the drug illegally can be sentenced to five years in prison and up to $20,000 in fines. The side effects of the drug include extreme exhaustions and depression. It can also lead to cardiac arrest, comas, and paranoia. Many students report that the drug makes them extremely sleepy, super-jittery, and have a decreased appetite.

How to Properly Increase Scores and Avoid Addiction

Increasing test scores and preventing substance abuse or addiction is simple; do not use drugs. Any student who is struggling in class can speak with their professor. Professors are there to help you succeed. They can refer you to their office hours for added help, suggest another students help who might be performing at a much higher level, or direct you to the campus tutoring center. Tutoring and counseling centers are available on all campuses with wide ranging hours of operation. Study drugs do not exist and they do not work. Using them is abusing them. The only way to true success is discovering the best way to study and ways to increase focus naturally. Taking a pill does not increase your I.Q. and will only lead to substance abuse, addiction, and lower scores. Addiction is a very serious issue in the United States and continues to rise. College students are becoming increasingly susceptible to substance abuse and addiction. They should stay clear of drugs because it can severely damage their future and studies. Anyone suffering from a study drug addiction should seek professional help immediately, which is provided on most American campuses.



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