Drug abuse and addiction in general has become a major crisis in the state of Indiana, and it’s a crisis that seems to have affected the teen and young adult population of the state the most by far. Drugs are an issue that affects all college campuses today in Indiana, and it’s a problem college students seem to brush off as being unimportant or, “beneath them”. In a very recent edition of The Daily Eastern News, the article, “Police respond to overdoes in library,” said The University Police and paramedics responded to a university student that overdosed on heroin or another opiate. Sadly, the student had quite literally overdosed right there in the actual University library. This just goes to show how serious of an issue that this really is.

Substance abuse among college students is a serious and dangerously rising trend and has been that way for some time now, and while students may think drug abuse only involves illegal drugs, prescription drugs also fall under this if used outside of its intended use. In fact, prescription drugs and substances are now the most commonly used and abused drug substance in Indiana colleges and universities. That is to say that, even if all of the illegal drugs in the world were ready and available for consumption, Indiana college students would still pick prescription drugs, the drugs with the highest mortality rate of all drugs in the nation.

On an even sadder and more grim note is that what college students also don’t seem to realize is that alcohol can fall under substance abuse too, and alcohol abuse is worse in Indiana colleges than almost all other colleges and universities in the entire nation. What often happens here is that students and parents both can laugh it off and say, “it’s college, anybody and everybody drinks,” but the fact of the matter is that it can be abused, and it can be harmful for those who partake in it to whatever degree that they ultimately partake in it. True enough, alcohol addiction is so prevalent and common these days, especially with young adults, that roughly one on every eight college students who has a drink from time to time while in college will come to the point of a serious alcohol addiction at some point in his or her life.

The Dangers of College Experimentation

According to recent studies, it has also been found that college students who are experiencing drug abuse may show various key and critical telltale signs that negatively impact a student’s social and professional life too. It is pretty easy to tell if an individual is abusing drugs and alcohol or not, and college students are some of the easiest ones to be able to see if they are truly addicted or not, and thus be able to help them out to one degree or another.

There are multiple different reasons why individuals might decide to abuse drugs and alcohol at some point in their lives. It is important to know this and be able to help the student should one see such signs. Typically, students may have:

• decreased interest in classes and other activities
• a drop in academic performance
• changes in sleeping schedule and weight
• acting in a secretive manner
• unexplained changes in personality
• uncharacteristic mood swings

While drug abuse can affect anyone, it impacts college students the most easily. It goes without saying that young adults are at a key point and moment in their lives where their minds and brains are developing considerably. To add drug substances and chemicals to the mix here is tantamount to destruction to say the least, and the effect that this can have on those who are addicted is phenomenal and seriously upsetting to say the least. The pressures of drugs can come from social pressures and expectations too, and all in all the issue can be quite severe not only for Indiana students but for other students in other states too. All in all, drug and alcohol abuse in Indiana colleges must be addressed before the issue gets too far out of hand.



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