Drug and alcohol use and abuse on college campuses remains high. Rates of substance abuse and related issues continue to rise. College students are never going to stop using and abuse alcohol/drugs. Drug prevention programs at the high school level have shown little progress. Colleges today are facing and even worse problem with their incoming students. Addiction in young adults continues to be on the rise. Young adults have way too much exposure to drugs and alcohol, more so today than any other generation. Some young adults come into their freshmen years of college already hooked on a drug. Therefore, colleges must do something to combat this issue. Seeing as Indiana is currently dealing with a drug problem like no other it seems fit that their campuses should do something about it. Campus task forces are being employed at various universities and colleges across the country to help curb substance abuse. These are not simply another police force that is bent on collecting money from those who break the law, or chasing underage drinkers for jail. These task forces are working towards a safer and healthier college experience.

What Can a Drug Task Force Do on College Campuses?

A recent study was conducted in Georgia regarding substance use and abuse on their college campuses. These institutions, like many others across the country, employ various programs to help students with substance abuse issues and in prevention. There are a number of different educational courses that students are able to engage in and most must complete a substance abuse educational seminar or webinar before they are able to enroll in the college. These programs can help to open young adults’ eyes about the dangers of substance use and abuse in college. The initiative is to educate young adults on the proper ways to drink responsibly. It is difficult to continue to preach an absolute abstinence program to college students. The general population of college students engages in alcohol consumption or will by the end of their college careers. Time is better spent by educating them on responsible drinking habits opposed to an all-out neglect of drinking. The task force also works with local law enforcement to help engage the entire community in substance abuse awareness and prevention. The program would find help and support from the local community as well as the police officers. Drinking in local establishments is also a concern for those who are combating college student substance abuse. The programs look to work with the local business owners about cracking down on underage drinking as well as raids on these businesses for that issue. Raids hurt business, but underage drinking cannot be allowed to continue.

Substance Abuse and Indiana Colleges

Indiana is currently dealing with the worst outbreak of substance abuse and addiction it has ever seen. That problem continues to trickle down into other aspects of Hoosier society. Young adults are using and abusing drugs at a higher rate. As such, they are entering college primed for an addiction; if they do not have one already. Getting help for those addicted to drugs and alcohol is essential, so is drug use prevention. Drug task forces can help Indiana colleges fight substance abuse and addiction. These services can also have a major impact on the residual effects of substance abuse and addiction. Keeping these children safe is the main priority. By providing campuses with added services for addiction prevention and substance abuse Indiana campuses can provide safer learning environments for their students.



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