How to Keep College Students Safe in Indiana from Drug Addiction

A group of college students

Drug abuse and addiction are serious issues that plague every aspect of American society. More than ever drugs have become synonymous with college life. Moving on from high school previously meant a time for growing as an adult and learning the skills that would provide a career for an individual. Today, college is known as a time for experimentation, mostly with drugs and alcohol. Popular movies like Animal House and Van Wilder have created an image of partying, drug and alcohol consumption. These images have created a whirlwind of trouble for the new generation of college students. Some of this trouble has been reduced thanks to the work of colleges and universities that have reduced the amount of hazing that carries on in fraternities and sororities, but it still exists. College students are at a high risk for drug and alcohol addiction due to the atmosphere that has been cultivated in recent years. Here are some tips to keep college students safe in Indiana from drug addiction.


College is a time for studying and finding one’s self. The alcohol and drug aspect of the secondary institution can never be eradicated, just as drugs will never be able to be completely wiped from society. Parents and educators must simply put more focus on the learning aspect of college life. The rising prices of college tuition are a definite motivator for this push back towards the knowledge and skill aspect of college. It can also be viewed as a huge weight that bears down on a student causing unnecessary stress. Colleges offer a wide variety of services the enable student’s access to individuals and programs to ensure they are not stressing themselves out too much. By refocusing the point towards education and not all the other distractions that college has, society can better prevent students from falling victim to drug abuse.

Online and Summer Courses

All colleges and universities offer a variety of courses in several styles. All college students should experiment with these so they learn which way better suits there learning style. This experimenting with different course styles can help them in two ways. The first is that they learn what suits them the best. By taking online, independent study, or summer courses they are able to learn on their own pace. Second they will be able to avoid the party scene and drug and alcohol abuse lifestyle that continues to develop on college campuses.

College Athletes

College athletes have been known to be part of the college drug and alcohol scene. The truth is that the majority of these college athletes are not privy to the free time to partake in these events. As part of being on a team they often hold themselves and teammates accountable for actions that could hurt the team. Not to mention, these institutions regularly drug test their athletes, which makes drug use and addiction difficult for a student athlete.


Keeping children from using and abusing drugs and alcohol is a difficult task for any parent. Those parents whose children are away at college have increased difficulty because the child is not under their supervision. It is essential, both for the success in college but also for the reduced change of substance abuse and addiction, that the parent keep a hands on approach with their child. Parents of college students should regularly check in on their college student. Persistently checking on the college student may seem intrusive, but can be critical to their success as a student and individual. Drug addiction is a progressive issue that can be prevented with proper care. Families that keep in touch have an increased chance of catching an issue before it turns into a catastrophe.



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