How Social Status on Indiana Campuses Can Determine a Student’s Drinking Habits

College students partying

The world is always changing. The advances in technology have not only given everyone their very own personal computer, but they have shrunk it into a pocket sized ferocious weapon. Access to the internet has made it possible to connect everyone with everyone and anything within seconds. This technology has only added to the problems facing young adults. Social anxiety has been and will continue to be a problem for newer generations. Not only social anxiety as we understand it today, but a new two headed monster commonly referred to as ‘FOMO’. Fear Of Missing Out syndrome is causing more social anxiety today because of individual’s access to social media. Intertwined with social status, fear of missing out issues has a great impact of student drinking habits. Societal studies on Indiana campuses have shown a significant correlation between social status and students drinking habits.

Drinking and College Life

Drinking socially in college is a staple of the college experience, or that is what popular media has made it. Popular media, movies, have created a platform for irresponsible drinking habits in college students. The twenty-first century is one of higher education. The majority of students graduating from high school will go on to study at a four year institution. For many this will be the first time they are away from home and free to make their own decisions. College is understood as a time for experimentation. It is a segment of life that young adults ‘find themselves’. It is also a time for experimentation with drugs and alcohol. Students drinking habits are dangerous and often lead to injury. Statistics continue to highlight the danger in irresponsible drinking and the high rates of injury, crime, and assault.

Social Status and Drinking Habits

College life is filled with loops and bends that students must navigate, while also focusing adequate amount of time to studying. What can make life even more complicated are the social anxieties that plague newer generations. The pressure that Greek life places on students can have lasting effects. Recent studies have shown that social status has a great influence on drinking habits. For the socially gifted that means partying with ’cool’ kids. In the college atmosphere it is the Greek organizations that reign supreme. It is an interesting dynamic because of the rules set in place. Fraternities and Sororities socialize together, but only the ones considered being equal with their Greek status. This means that there is a hierarchy on campus, which is not determined by the University. Sororities are not allowed to serve alcohol, by rules of their national order, but Fraternities are and are the only ones. This creates a perfect atmosphere for problematic drinking. In these gatherings freshmen are pushed, sometimes forced, to consume alcohol. The social status created by these organizations almost thrives on problem drinking. It not only creates a problem in terms of dangerous drinking habits, but also leads to other more complicated issues. Research has proved that physical and sexual assaults are fueled by irresponsible drinking habits. When social media and FOMO are added to this already dangerous atmosphere the outcome is ripe for combustion.

Drinking and College Life

Whether you like it or not consuming alcohol has become part of college life. Chances are you or someone you know will experiment with drugs or alcohol while at college. The only thing to do is educate high school students about the dangerous of problem drinking and drug use. Education has been proven to reduce the amount of substance abuse. Emphasis on education, not partying, must be rejuvenated in the generations of future college students.



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