The weather has just broken, finally. Sunny and warmer days are upon us. There is a different atmosphere around and everyone is ready for summer. The long and cheerful days are here to stay for the next few months. For some, summer has already begun. Most colleges finish their spring semesters in early May. College students are migrating back to their homes for a few months of needed relaxation and beach/pool time. Many college students come home anticipating what type of fun or partying they are going to get into with high school friends or other visiting friends from college. This is an especially dangerous time because college students are more likely to engage in dangerous drinking behaviors. Binge drinking, consuming more drinks than the body can metabolize ending in drunkenness, is a popular activity that is dangerous on many levels. Parents should understand that these college students are no longer at school and under their own roofs. Here are a number of tips for parents to consider to keep their college student from engaging in a drunken summer and keep them sober.

Good Conversation

College students coming home from school are often in an anxious state. They are leaving an unstructured and unsupervised environment to re-enter the ‘dreaded’ family home. It is important for parents to try to remember when they were that age and coming home from school. These teenagers have made new friends and had many different experiences. The best thing to do is keep good conversation with these young adults. The best way to understand how they are feeling is to ask open-ended questions. Get your children to answer with more detail than simple yes or no answers. The more open and frequent the conversations the better. Communicating with your child is especially important at this point in time because they are going through a period in their lives where they are trying to find out who they are going to be. This stage in life is complicated and can lead young adults down the wrong path. By staying open-minded and offering helpful advice instead of threats or demands parents are more likely to provide constructive advice.

Summer Courses

College is getting harder and harder and the competition is getting much more competitive. Unemployment rates have reached new lows and it would seem as those new lows are going to be the norm. Summer internships and other programs are great ways to increase a student’s ability to gain employment and display hard work. Not to mention that summer course are much shorter, often discounted and easier. It is a wonderful opportunity for students to gain college credits, save money and get a head start on graduation. Employers would look at a student who graduated quicker than others as higher prospects for open positions. Parents should encourage their young students to pursue summer programs, internships or other academic activities to get a jump start on graduation and added highlights for their resumes. These programs will push students to work harder in the summer and limit their ability to engage in dangerous habits like drinking.

Summer Jobs

Summer is for fun, but for most it is for making money. The vacation season is ripe with financial gain opportunities. Most college students have jobs to help support them for the college year. What most students and their parents do not understand is that there is enough opportunity for college students to make enough money to pay for their educations during the summer months. College students and their parents should be more diligent when looking for summer employment to make sure they are making as much money as possible. Why pass up the opportunity to make enough money to pay for school or reduce the burden of student loans?



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