What Heroin Addicts Say About their Addiction

heroin addiction

Heroin is a very dangerous and addictive drug that is damaging people and communities worldwide. It is an opiate that can be smoked, snorted or injected, as known as: Junk, Smack, H, Brown Sugar, Horse, Skag, Nose Dros, Thunder, Big H and Hell Dust. The sensation that someone feels after injecting heroin are so intense that all they can think about is renewing that feeling again. This desire to repeat continue use is heroin addiction.

Where is Heroin

Heroin was once an alternative to morphine used by medical professionals. Since the discovery of its’ intensive additive properties it was removed from medical use. For a time it was only found in small basement dens, used by the lower level of society. Synonymous with the homeless, wastes of society; it is now prevalent everywhere. No matter where you live heroin has found a home their. It is affecting all levels of society, in all classes, and in all races. No matter what the upbringing has been, heroin is waiting to tempt the unknowing. It turns the good children of this country into liars, cheats, thieves, and prostitutes. Families are desperately trying to get help, but the addict continues to choose heroin over family.

What Heroin Addicts Say About Heroin

Heroin is not a drug people start out experiencing with. Heroin addicts discuss the progression in their experimentation and drug use that usually starts in high school with alcohol. Alcohol use slowly progresses to marijuana, cocaine, pain killers, and finally to heroin. Introduction to opiate use can start at an early age. Physicians often prescribe pain medication for individuals who suffer some type of injury when they are young. Eventually the pills run out, or money, and they need to get their fix from some where else that is cheaper. Heroin is that fix because it is readily available and very inexpensive. When they make the step to heroin everything changes. Heroin use takes away everything people hold dear; family, friends, spouses, work, and normalcy in general. It causes them to steal from relatives to support their abuses. It causes most to have run-ins with the law as well. Heroin addicts say that the moment it gets into the body you can feel it. And you feel for nothing else. Nothing else matters, only getting more heroin’s in your system.

Everything in your life that melts away by using heroin eventually comes back twice as hard and the need to use only intensifies. The process is slow, but once they start using a needle for heroin use everything else disappears. It takes over your entire life and soon after injection begins you do anything needed to do more heroin. For women heroin abuse can be more difficult.

The high is said to be shorter so repetition is required more often. When women do not have money for heroin they often resort to selling their bodies to dealers or allowing themselves to be ‘pimped-out’ in order to get their fix. Several women heroin addicts have admitted to prostitution and repeated beatings and rapes. All of these horrible things are determined to be ‘worth it’ for heroin.

Heroin Withdrawal

When a heroin addict a stop using heroin and the high subsides, withdrawal sets in. the symptoms are agonizing and horrifying. Severe sneezing, hot and cold sweats, body aches, diarrhea, restless legs and vomiting all hit. Added to these horrible physical side effects, the mental pain sets in. Self-hatred and depression set in only increasing the need use again.

How to Help Them

You know someone how suffers from heroin addiction it is important to act immediately. The dangers of heroin increase exponentially with the length of time it is used. It is important to speak to an Addiction Advisor about a strategy to get the addict help. They will discuss an intervention, programs, treatment centers, and after care that are available for help. Speaking openly, caringly, and lovingly will help the heroin addict accept help.



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