A college girl in therapy

Moving out of your hometown, out on your own and beginning is an exciting time for graduating seniors. The unknown of college life just ahead of them can give them goose-bumps. It is a time for finding yourself and learning. College life has also begun to be synonymous with binge drink and experimenting with drugs. More and more college students are finding themselves with substance abuse issues. Out on their own they are unaware of the options that are available to them. Fear of dropping out, losing a scholarship, and disappointing their parents can add to their stress. Added stress, depression, and anxiety can push someone struggling with a substance abuse issue further down the rabbit hole. College students should be aware of the opportunities that they have at their finger-tips. Indiana is home to some of the largest and most reputable colleges and universities, which can also mean large numbers of substance abuse. If you are an Indiana college student coping with a substance abuse issue or know someone who is there are plenty of options for students of the Hoosier state.

Finding a Drug Rehab

Substance abuse is a very dangerous issue for anyone to go through. It can completely take over someone’s life and cause them to plummet drastically. Getting help can be as simple as making a phone call. There are several options for Indiana college students who are looking for help. By calling any of the various hotlines, which are free and open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, students can discover what options are available to them. Choosing a drug rehab can seem overwhelming with all the options, programs and facilities available, but choosing the right one is important. By speaking with an addiction specialist an addict can discuss what is important in their recovery and what facility/program would best suit them. The advisor will also be able to discuss other important issues regarding your recovery such as: cost, insurance, location, in vs. out-patient, program, and style of treatment existing.


The cost of treatment facilities can be expensive and even drive addicts away from getting treatment. Indiana students looking for help for their substance abuse issues should not let the price of drug rehab keep them from getting help. No matter what the cost is for rehab, the cost for not going will always be higher. The cost range for drug rehabs are vast, meaning there is always an option that is right for any individual. The higher the cost normally means the most exclusive, luxuries, amenity filled rehabilitation center. That being said, it does not mean that the cheaper or even free, state run centers are not successful and qualified treatment centers. An important piece of information to uncover is to whether or not the facility accepts insurance. As a college student you are required to have insurance, therefore it is important to know what your insurance covers and if the treatment center accepts that insurance provider.


As a college student location is an essential part of the recovery process. Most professionals believe it is best to get treatment away from the area that you were abusing substances; that way you are not tempted to relapse. Location of a treatment center is important for your continued education as well. Some universities actually have treatment options available on campus, so speak with someone immediately because help could be right around the corner.

Treatment options for recovering addicts have grown exponentially with the advancement of research, medicine, technology, and science. This has led to many options that can help any addict looking to turn their lives around. When speaking with an addiction adviser it is important to give them all of your information, fears, and opinions so they can adequately place you in a proper facility and program. Any Indiana college student looking for treatment for an addiction should call a hotline immediately because there are options for them to get healthy.



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