Education is the most effective way to create positive change in our society when it comes to addiction.

When it comes to addiction, many people have certain preconceived ideas. They might have a certain image in their mind of the kind of person who struggles with drug or alcohol abuse. They could have an idea that recovery from addiction is only possible through one certain path. They might have the thought that addiction could never happen to them, or to someone they love. But, none of those things are true.

Addiction can take control over any person’s life, regardless of age, ethnicity, economic status, or any other demographic. It doesn’t care where you live, who you hang out with, or what your hobbies are. The moment addiction can take hold, it will.

And it isn’t just they guy sleeping under the overpass drinking from a brown paper bag, or lurking in the alleyway waiting for someone to mug. It isn’t just in major cities, and it certainly isn’t just “the criminals.” Addiction finds its way into even the most rural areas of our nation – the effects of substance abuse can be seen in small communities and major metropolitan areas alike.

Perhaps most importantly, there is no one right path to recovery from addiction. Many people think that if this one certain way doesn’t help a person get clean and sober, well, maybe they didn’t really try, or maybe they didn’t try hard enough. This couldn’t be furthest from the truth. There are many different paths to choose from, and, just like our name suggests, we at Choices Recovery understand that each person that comes to us seeking help in overcoming addiction is a unique individual. They have all traveled their own path through life, and different methods of rehabilitation will be more effective for different people.

That is why we have gathered many different program options and supplemental courses under one roof. We give our patients the ability to explore several different paths to see what will fit best with their individual needs. However, in a world with so many preconceived notions about addiction and recovery, we also understand the importance of reaching out to educate people on these topics. Knowledge is power, and information is the key to opening the door of recovery to many people who might have found little success with traditional methods of treatment.

Our mission of sharing this information with as many people as possible took us to Park City, Utah during the 2017 Sundance Film Festival as a sponsor of The EcoLuxe Lounge, a premier red-carpet event that makes appearances at various awards ceremonies and other events throughout the year. Organized by Debbie Durkin of Durkin Entertainment, the industry’s leading producer of on-screen sustainable product placement, the EcoLuxe Lounge gathers some of the world’s leading providers of eco-friendly and holistic technologies, merchandise, and services. Hosting the Choices Recovery Media Center was our good friend Gretchen Rossi of reality TV’s “Real Housewives of Orange County,” who spent her day chatting with dozens of the entertainment industry professionals who stopped by the EcoLuxe Lounge.

Among them was someone who Gretchen knows very well – Slade Smiley, her costar on “Real Housewives” and soon to be husband. Their conversation took on a very natural tone, which is to be expected, as they discussed addiction, recovery, and the benefit of the dynamic treatment program we have at Choices. “Until you are either personally affected or someone you know is affected by it,” Slade observes, “it’s hard with all the noise we’re surrounded by to take the time really look deep into the subject. How do I know how to push them in the right direction to getting help with their addiction? And this is where what Choices Recovery does I think is so intelligent is that they cater their treatment programs for every situation, because it is very different.”

Just as every patient we see has traveled a different path through life that led them to our treatment center, they will also travel different paths through recovery from addiction. Our program options include everything from Christian Faith-Based recovery, Indigenous Native American Spirituality-Based 12-Step, Applied Communication, Art and Music Exploration, Traditional 12-Step, Anger Resolution, and everything in between. We supply our patients with the tools and skills that will help them stay on the path of recovery long after they graduate from our treatment facility. They discover what works best for them and return to their daily lives with confidence in themselves and their recovery, and hope for a brighter and more positive future.



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