College is often referred to the greatest period in young adults’ lives. It is the first time that many of them get to have a little freedom. They begin to evolve and morph into the adult they will be the rest of their lives. College students get to experiment and be free. Memories of college make people laugh and remember the rebellious fun loving person they were for those brief four years. It is also a time that many participate in dangerous drinking habits. College life has changed into a time where young adults experiment with drugs and alcohol. Indiana college students, like those across the country, participate in a dangerous habit of binge drinking. Binge drinking puts young adults into dangerous situations and can cause serious damage. Young women are more likely to engage in binge drinking to engage in the parties of college and also to limit weight gain.

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking was once believed to be a ‘harmless’ practice of college students. It was a means to release the stress of high intensity tests in a comprehensive course that each student must complete to move on to a career. College life has not changed much in the last few decades except that the practice of blowing off steam through risky behaviors like binge drinking has reached new heights. Binge drinking in college is definitely a cause for concern, but it is no longer just a problem among college students. Many college freshmen enter their institutions of choice already experienced in the risky behaviors of binge drinking, which is why it is no longer just associated with college students. High school students are commonly exposed and engaged in risky alcohol consumption. Females who consume four or more drinks in an hour or two are considered binge drinkers. They drink in this manner to become intoxicated.

High School Students

More and more high school students engage in risky drinking practices today than ever before. Our society has created an atmosphere that is conducive to this dangerous behavior. Reality television shows that display dangerous drinking habits and even riskier party behaviors encourage this behavior. These shows go on to celebritize those individuals for their acts of pure reckless abandonment. Television series such as ‘Friday Night Lights’ shows young adults participating in binge drinking and other risky behaviors. More and more high schools are enforcing Breathalyzer tests before admitting students into their prom celebrations as a result of intoxication. After prom parties thrown by schools work to decrease binge drinking by encouraging students to have fun safely instead of going out. It is clearly evident that binge drinking is no longer associated with college students. Gaining experience in dangerous drinking habits in high school can make it more dangerous at the next level.

Female Indiana College Students

Young women who are more comfortable with binge drinking from their high school experiences are more likely to engage in binge drinking in college. In many cases this behavior could turn into dangerous alcoholism. Now that these young women do not have the ever-watchful eye of their parents on them they could be more likely to engage in binge drinking more often. At this point it is no longer binge drinking, but a full-fledged addiction. It will cause them to gain weight, lose energy and could affect their school work. Many young college students have to drop out of school because they are unable to keep up with the workload as a result of their partying habits.

Dangerous Female Drinking Habits

Most college students engage in dangerous binge drinking habits at more point or another. Females are more likely to binge drink because the high concentration, yet lower frequency of drinking reduces the amount of caloric intake. Young Indiana College females are more likely to be mindful of their bodies when considering alcohol intake. As such, they are more likely to drink liquor or spirits in high quantities to limit the calories and still achieve the desired effects. Anorexic binge drinking is an even more dangerous practice. These young females are not eating in preparation for a night of drinking. This can place them in deadly situation. Alcohol poisoning, physical and/or sexual assault and other health hazards are common for those women willing to drink in this manner. Binge drinking is more likely a practice of Females on Indiana campuses and they should be aware of the potential dangers.



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