Drug Violations Increasing on Indiana Campus

A college student struggling

College is a wonderfully exciting time for new high school graduates. It is a time for freedom, expansion, and flat out fun. Many young adults cannot wait to leave the safety of their homes and venture off to the vibrant world of college. Popular culture and old stories paint a clear picture of what college is all about in today’s society; partying. Unfortunately, many college bound teenagers get wrapped up in the negative environment of college and end up getting into trouble. The trend at Indiana University is an increase in marijuana arrests. Marijuana has become incredibly popular in the United States and is legal in many states. Students of Indiana University will find no solace in the fact that marijuana is still illegal in the state. The popularity of marijuana has not wavered for these students, but they must pay the piper. In this case Indiana University students have been getting into more trouble with campus police over marijuana possession than ever before.

Marijuana on the Rise

Marijuana popularity has and is still on the rise. The legalization of marijuana in the majority of the countries states has help fuel that popularity. Recent studies on the positive effects that marijuana can have on someone with a disability prove its potential benefits. The legalization of marijuana has fueled a much more relaxed view on the drug. Now that it is not seen as this dangerous drug that can kill you, police must keep up with the increased popularity.

Drug Violations at Indiana University

Drug violations by the Indiana University Police Department have increased by 34 percent since 2011. At the same time, alcohol violation arrests have dropped by 25 percent. Calls to the police about potential drug or alcohol problems yield a 23 percent rate that an arrest will follow; the police take too long and the smell or the violation dissipates.

Indiana College Student Drug Use Statistics of 2014

In 2014, three-fifths of all Indiana college students reported using alcohol in the past month. There were 52% of students that were under aged who reported consuming alcohol in the last month. Students who reported using cigarettes totaled 13%. Marijuana use came in at 14% and 16%. Adderall was the most commonly abused prescription medication, 9% reported using it. Xanax was the second most commonly used prescription medication. There were a total of two-fifths of the students that participated in the survey reported binge drinking in the past two weeks, where binge drinking was defined as four or more drinks in three hours for females and five for males. Male students twenty-one years of age totaled almost half and 35% of the underage students binge drinking. Binge drinking, twice in the past two weeks, was reported at 13%.

The Problems Universities are Facing

Students that come to Indiana University from states that have legalized marijuana are in a bit of a pickle. Some of these students have medical marijuana cards for legitimate disorders. The drug helps them cope with their disabilities, which allows them to focus on school. Even though they may only receive a misdemeanor from the University it could result in a loss of scholarship or even acceptance. At the very least it could cause them to spiral downwards, lose focus, and flunk out of school. Many officers on these campuses are torn on the issue of marijuana for a variety of personal issues. One very powerful opinion is that marijuana related issues never involve violence or injury. In the case of alcohol, violence and injury happen on a weekly basis. The issue of marijuana in Indiana is still up for debate, but it remains an illegal substance.



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