Drug Testing Among Private Indiana Universities: Does it Combat Addiction on Campus

Getting a degree has become necessary to obtain a good career. It is a widely known fact that individuals with college degrees make more money in their lifetime and generally have a better comfort of living. College educations are also much more common today since there are many more schools, options, and availabilities of programs in all states. Most students expect to move on to a four-year program. Part of this transition into a four-year program includes the change in environment. For many students, it is the first time they are on their own; free to make decisions. It has become a time for students to experiment with drugs and alcohol. It has almost become a rite of passage for college students to experiment with alcohol and drugs. How are universities going to combat the rising drug and alcohol use and abuse issue? It is an issue that has only gotten worse. Does mandatory drug testing combat addiction on campus?

Rising Issue of Substance Abuse among Teenagers

The United States is currently dealing with a major epidemic; a drug epidemic. Indiana has the worst outbreak of opioid abuse and addiction in the nation. As a result of the increased opioid abuse, the Hoosier state has witnessed an outbreak of HIV and hepatitis. This problem has been linked to a rise in prescription drug abuse that has been brewing for several years. More and more people are using prescription drugs. Most have stockpiles of prescription medications in their own homes. This is a problem that has several causes. One, people are being prescribed more drugs (quantity) than is necessary. The second problem is that people are not properly disposing of their medications that go unused, which then leaves a supply for those willing to abuse them. Society has also become desensitized to the idea of taking drugs as a dangerous practice. Prescription drugs are drugs, most of which are incredibly dangerous. Young adults and even children are exposed to prescription drugs, which are providing a path towards drug abuse and addiction. If children are comfortable with taking drugs, then later in their life they will not fear the repercussions of abusing drugs.

Drug Testing to Combat Addiction

College is an important part of the process of entering the real world. It is clear that having a college degree is necessary to become success in this world. It is also a major responsibility and expensive. A major fear of students is not to succeed, not graduate or worse being thrown out of school. The fear of failing a drug test could steer students in the right direction as they would be afraid of being expelled from the University. Drug use and abuse in college is a common occurrence. Most students cannot wait for the weekend to blow off steam. Unfortunately, this practice has resulted in serious injury and even death. Many student organizations are not scrutinized by administrations to ensure they are not practicing any of these dangerous drug or alcohol related practices that cause injury. The party scene is extensive and the introduction of this new generation (predisposed to drug use) is a dangerous mixture. Many students entering college already have drug issues, which can easily turn into full-blown addictions. Many people believe that random drug testing is an invasion of privacy, but it can be necessary to prevent further drug abuse and possible addiction. Drug testing is only part of the program to combat addiction on campus. It will help deter students from engaging in that type of behavior and correctly identify those who could be at risk. Drug testing should be a part of a wider program developed to combat addiction. It must include counseling, medical support, and group/student activities to direct students towards more constructive activities.



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