The week is over and you have successfully put in an enormous amount of study hours. You feel great about the last exam you took and received verbal and written praise from a professor on a recent research paper. After a great week of work and feeling wonderful about the progress and success in your studies is a wonderful feeling. The stress of the week is now gone and it is time to cut loose. For most college students, that means two nights drinking and partying with friends. There is nothing wrong with letting off some steam, but college students must be careful of their behaviors. Alcohol related abuses are still quite high in the United States. Indiana colleges have a high rate of drink spiking, which can place young adults in dangerous situations. For example, the latest issue with intoxication and abuse has created a national stir: the young woman who was raped by another student as she lay unconscious. The results of the court’s decision are what is creating such a public uproar, but what about the intoxicated young adults? Spiking drinks, or adding drugs to drinks without the consumer knowing, is still a common activity. Those who admitted to committing these dangerous actions state that they never intended to harm anyone, but rather were simply trying to have a good time. College students must diligently watch what they consume.

Spiking Drinks in College

A recent study by the Psychology of Violence team has found that 7.8 percent of the people they surveyed have been victim to having a spiked drink. The study analyzed 6,000 college students at three universities and also found that 1.4 percent had admitted to adding or knowing someone who has added drugs to others drinks. These results are not surprising and, if anything, are rather conservative. Other studies have found that between 6 and 8.5 percent of college students have been drugged without their consent at one point in their college careers. An Australian study had found that an astonishing 18 to 35 percent of young professionals have been victim of spiked drinks. The study is the largest of its kind and produced staggering results. Females are much more likely to be a victim of this behavior, but males comprised 21 percent of the victims as well. In all cases, those victims are much less likely to report any abuses, which can cloud the research. It can be estimated that there are much more cases of spiking and related abuses, which young student victims are afraid to report.

The results of the study are also unreliable because it is impossible to know who was drugged and who simply drank too much. Some instances the individual could have drank an alcohol, which was stronger than what they are used to. It is also the nature of drinking and the study that recalling this information is difficult because students are inebriated.

Dangers of Drugging without Consent

The dangerous of spiking drinks or drugging people without their consent is endless. Even for those who simply want to have a good time it could be deadly. It is impossible to know and understand what another person can handle or what medications they may already be on. For this reason, spiking can be deadly. At the very least it puts young adults into situations where they have no control. Physical abuse is a common result of overconsumption and drugging. Sexual assault is a particularly common issue resulting from drink spiking. Indiana college students should be aware of what they put in their bodies and look out for their friends. Never go to a party alone and never go alone to a house/apt/party to consume alcohol with people to which you are not familiar. Be safe and focused even when going out to let off steam, no one wants to report or be accused of physical or sexual assault.



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