Drunkorexia is a new, recently labeled, issue that many young Americans are facing today. It is the act of not eating food to counter balance the calories that are going to be consumed with alcohol. This ‘new’ phenomena is sweeping across college campuses in Indiana. Young students are increasingly engaging in this behavior, so they do not gain any extra weight from their drinking habits. The students would rather not eat than to gain weight or reduce their drinking habits. Since college student drinking habits include, almost exclusively, binge drinking on the weekends this practice is especially dangerous. This habit is not exclusive to those who are unwilling to gain the extra pounds. Males are more likely to skip a few meals, knowing they are going drinking in the near future, to ensure they feel the effects of binge drinking faster than they would otherwise. This type of behavior is similar to over-exercising and bulimia. It is incredibly dangerous and harmful to all those engaging in similar behaviors.

Dangers of Drunkorexia

The dangers of drunkorexia are similar to other dangers of binge drinking. These students consume less food, so they can feel the effects of alcohol quicker or to stay thin. In male cases, drunkorexia increases inebriation faster. When this is coupled with the high amount and short period of consuming alcohol the dangers are immense. High alcohol consumption leads to drunkenness. This is often the cause of people doing things they would not normally do. Breaking the law is a common practice for those who are inebriated. Increased aggression is normal for drunken people and can lead to fights and assaults. There is an increase in sexual assaults as a result of drinking. Unwanted pregnancy and STD’s are also more likely to happen when overconsumption is involved.

By limiting the caloric intake and increasing drinking, college students are more likely to put themselves in a calorie/vitamin deficiency. Reducing their calorie intake will also reduce their vitamin intake. Alcohol has none of the nutrients that the body needs. This will result in poor health, which could affect their daily lives and college performance. Vitamin depletion can lead to a weakened immune system and sickness.

Not eating and consuming alcohol at a dangerous rate can also lead to dehydration. Young adults do not understand the damage they are causing their bodies because their young bodies can recover efficiently. Dehydration will cause dizziness, weakness, heart palpitations, fainting, vomiting and diarrhea. These symptoms of dehydration can be overlooked because they are similar to drunkenness and a hangover.

Professionals all agree that drunkorexia is an incredibly dangerous practice that will accelerate the damages that alcoholism does to the body. It is simply not worth the extra buzz or slim waist to practice such dangerous behaviors. Medical professionals believe that you should never consume alcohol on an empty stomach. Those college students who do choose to consume alcohol should do so responsibly. It is essential to eat healthy, exercise and stay hydrated. Alcohol consumption can take a considerable toll on the body, therefore anyone engaging in its consumption to take precaution. Never put yourself in dangerous situations when consuming alcohol.

Chances are students moving on to college have experienced drugs and alcohol in one way or another at this point in their lives. High school age students drink alcohol and do drugs more than people would like to admit, but it is true. College students want to enjoy their new found freedom. It is the first time they are no longer under the control of their parents. What these students do not understand is that with this new freedom comes a great amount of new responsibility. The challenges that college delivers are ones that must be taken seriously. The amount of substance abuse and addiction that occurs in college is dangerous. Not only physically and mentally, but it can have a serious effect on students futures. Indiana college students should not engage in drunkorexia because it is unhealthy and can put them into dangerous situations. Always drink responsibly and take care of your body.



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