College lifestyle is something that most people look back on with admiration. A time of limited responsibility, extensive freedom and a metabolism that doesn’t quit. College students engage in very risky behaviors on a daily basis, but after all it is college right. Substance abuse and addiction are growing in this nation and the practices of college students are adding to those national problems. More and more young adults are being admitted to treatment centers as a result of their adolescent and young adult life substance use and abuse. The younger generations are becoming addicted to drugs and alcohol at an alarming rate. Indiana college students are not immune to this growing problem. As a matter of fact, the state is in the middle of its worst battle with abuse and addiction. These young Hoosiers are succumbing to addiction at early ages. Entering college already predisposed to addictive behaviors is dangerous. Counseling centers are now helping more Indiana college students with alcohol abuse.

Alcohol Abuse in College

Alcohol abuse in college is a normal thing. It is easy to be swept up in the frivolities of college life. Everyone around you is also drinking and carrying on. Some students might ask, “Do I have a problem?” And they answer unequivocally, “NO”. Why would students believe they have a drinking problem when everyone around them is exhibiting the exact same behavior? Careless college alcohol consumption can easily lead to abuse and addiction. There are a growing number of students who are falling victim to this problem. What is worse is that most of them are unaware of the resources that colleges and local communities provide for them. College counselors, dorm supervisors and advisors can provide a level of support and guidance to help them recognize an issue and formulate a plan to resolve it. The increased recognition of this growing problem has prompted Colleges in Indiana to provide more support and outlets for those in need. Speak with an advisor, professor or other professional about the possible support systems in use at your college.

How to Stay Sober and Safe in College

The first technique to stay sober and happy in Indiana colleges is to find like-minded people. It is much easier than most people would think. There are a number of different activities and programs that Universities provide to keep students from engaging in dangerous substance abuse practices. By engaging in these activities students can find others that are interested in the same fun, sober living. Dorm living is a chaotic way to live life. For some, it is fun to be right in the middle of the action; but for most, the small facilities, constantly sick neighbors and rowdy hallmates are too much to handle. Living off campus is a wonderful to get the peace and quiet needed for studying and also for living sober. The culture of partying is more prevalent in dorms than anywhere else. By living off campus students put themselves in better positions to combat peer pressure and substance abuse. Sober partying is a great way to relieve the stress of school and still have fun. Make sure you know where the non-alcoholic drinks are and drink conservatively. Keeping your wits about you is the best way to keep from falling into the partying abyss. The last tip for staying sober in the culture of partying is to drink light. It is not necessary to guzzle everything that is given to you. Set a limit for number of drinks, drink/time table and have a specific time to which you must leave. These are the best ways to enjoy college without falling into that dangerous pit of substance abuse.



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