What Does a Biophysical Substance Abuse Program Do

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One of the common misconceptions about substance abuse and addiction is that an individual can simply abstain from drug use for a period of time, perhaps receive some counseling therapy, and be successfully restored to a healthy, happy and productive future. The truth is that full and lasting recovery from substance abuse and addiction problems requires thorough rehabilitation treatment that addresses and resolves all of the physical, mental and emotional causes and effects of drug use.

The Importance of Detoxification

An individual cannot expect to fully recover from substance abuse and addiction if they are suffering from the physical effects of drug substances. Powerful cravings and uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms can be the leading reason behind why an individual who desires to be free from drug use will yet continue their drug use indefinitely. There is no doubt that the mental and emotional causes and effects of their drug use must also be fully addressed and resolved, but trying to handle these issues without first handling the physical effects of drug use is somewhat like trying to rebuild a damaged house while it’s still on fire. The individual who has safely and fully withdrawn from drug use often feels better physically, gets better rest, and is better able to commit themselves to full recovery.

How a Biophysical Substance Abuse Program Can Help

Biophysical drug rehab is “living body” drug rehab, a brand new approach to drug rehabilitation treatment that addresses handling the physical aspect of drug addiction thoroughly so as to prevent physical relapse triggers from occurring in the future. In order to understand how this works, one must first understand how drugs affect the body.

When an individual takes a drug, this substance interrupts or interferes with normal body functions, sensations and brain chemicals. It has long been believed that drug chemicals leave the body hours or days later through sweat, urine or some other physical function, but recently it has been discovered that some drug substances remain in the body and are stored in fatty tissues. This includes drug chemicals like PCP, LSD and THC (the main chemical in marijuana). The paper Evaluation of a Detoxification Regimen For Fat Stored Xenobiotics says in part, “Chemicals stored in adipose [tissue used for fat storage] and other tissues pose a continuing physiological and psychological threat to human health.”

Drug toxins can be stored in the fatty tissues of the body for ten years or more, and can be released back into the bloodstream at moments of high stress or activity, causing the individual to experience drug cravings. It is for this reason that some individuals seem to inexplicably relapse back into drug use after weeks, months or even years of sobriety. Some individuals have proposed that this means drug addiction is not truly curable or that drug rehabilitation treatment is not actually effective in resolving drug abuse or addiction problems. In fact, neither of these statements are entirely true. Drug rehabilitation treatment can be entirely effective in fully and permanently resolving drug abuse or addiction problems, if the individual handles all of the physical, mental and emotional causes and effects of drug use. This includes removing all drug toxins from the body.

The steps of a biophysical substance abuse program are:

● The individual fully withdraws from drug use, preferably without any sort of substitute drugs or medications except where absolutely medically necessary.

● The individual receives a full physical examination from a medical doctor, including blood testing, and is given the okay to participate in treatment.

● The individual takes vitamin and mineral supplements, oils, and enjoys a diet high in green vegetables while spending time in a dry heat sauna in order to sweat out drug metabolites.

● The individual who has finished sweating out all drug metabolites moves forward into dealing with the mental and emotional causes and effects of drug use.

Success With Biophysical Substance Abuse Programs

Biophysical Substance Abuse Programs routinely has a seventy percent success rate for fully treating drug abuse and addiction problems so the individual does not relapse into drug use again in the future. Individuals who have participated in traditional drug rehabilitation treatment programs without lasting success have been able to achieve and maintain lasting sobriety through biophysical substance abuse treatment.



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