Back To School Sober: How Indiana College Students Can Avoid Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a type of push from an individual that is an equal. Peers often are the same age, economic class or grade. Normally these people are all in the same grade. Peer pressure is any influence that others of equal status places on another. Members of a group all have similar characteristics and interests. The behaviors that they exhibit and activities they engage in will be ‘forced’ on new members. They push others to adapt to their way of life; if drinking alcohol and doing drugs is part of the group then that behavior will be pressured on others. Peer pressure is effective because young adults, even adults, want to be part of a larger group. Being a member of a group helps individuals avoid being alone or feeling isolated. Wanting to be part of a group is a natural human desire. Here are some tips to help back to school Indiana college students avoid peer pressure.

Drug Use and Abuse are Common with Peer Pressure

Drug users push themselves into seclusion because abusing drugs and alcohol is not socially acceptable. As such, they will try to bring others with them, so they are not alone. In a group of peers, drug use or alcohol abuse could be the common denominator that brings them together. This group will work together to get drugs, do them and hide their activities from others. Peer pressure to do drugs and drink alcohol will continue and enable the group to drift close to addiction. It can be difficult to fight against substance abuse while in a group, but it should be done. Peer pressure is dangerous and very powerful.

How Indiana College Kids Can Avoid Peer Pressure

Avoiding peer pressure can be difficult, but it is not impossible. Here are a few tips on how Indiana college students can avoid peer pressure.

Always being prepared is one of the best ways college students can avoid peer pressure. It is best to practice what you plan to do in the event that you are pressured to do something you are unwilling to do. You can practice with a friend or a sponsor if needed. Do not be afraid or appear to be scared. Simply stand tall and speak firmly that you are uninterested in engaging in the activities that are being pressed.

When in a conversation or conflict about engaging in risky behavior it is never good to argue with the ‘opponent’. It is simply best to decline their invitation and walk away. If possible simply change the subject and move on.

Stay away from anyone or anything that may tempt you to fall for peer pressure. That means blocking calls and avoiding places or activities that are generally connected to peer pressure-type activities. Stay strong and move on.

Fighting Peer Pressure

Choosing your friends wisely might be the best way to avoid peer pressure. Real friends do not force or push others to abuse drugs or abuse alcohol. Young adults should choose positive role models and friends to which they surround themselves. Parents should speak to their children about peer pressure and making the right decision. By monitoring your child’s activities you can limit their exposure to drugs and alcohol. It is best to engage them in extracurricular and sports activities to limit their exposure to bullies or bad influences. Those returning to college should remind themselves of the reasons they are at college; to get a degree. The interaction and adventures are part of the experience, but not the reason you go to college. Focus on studies, sports and other extracurriculars. College prepares you for the life you want and should be taken seriously, so do not fall victim to peer pressure.



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