Anxiety vs. Stress: Could One be a Predictor of Addiction for Indiana College Students

Stress, Anxiety, and College Students

Drug abuse and addiction are major problems for the United States. Several areas of the nation are dealing with a multitude of problems that have been caused by addiction. States have issued a ‘state of emergency’ as their drug problem has turned into a major epidemic. This has led to an increased outbreak of hepatitis and HIV. The damages are piling up and the end of this chaos is not in view. What is even worse is the rise in drug abuse/addiction problems in the younger generation. This group is being exposed to drug use at a level way beyond dangerous. It is the most medicated generation ever and will only get worse. The old programs of yesterday are outdated and require serious adjustment. This new generation is entering adulthood predisposed to drug use, abuse and addiction. It is no wonder that more and more young college students are falling victim to addiction. The rate of substance abuse and addiction at the college level is continuing to get worse. It is a dangerous combination when the stress and anxiety of college are combined with students who have been exposed to drug use and abuse. Can anxiety and stress be predictors of addiction for Indiana college students? Plainly, yes. All college students endure certain levels of stress and anxiety, but higher levels and an inability to cope properly can lead to substance abuse and addiction.

Anxiety and Stress: Can it Lead to Addiction

Anxiety and stress are two of the most common causes of addiction. Despite popular belief, stress and anxiety are two separate things. Stress is an issue that is caused by a stressor and is relieved when that stressor is gone, which are stress-causing factors. Anxiety is stress that continues after that stressor is gone. More specifically, individuals’ inability to cope with stress and anxiety can cause substance abuse and addiction. Stressors are any situations/events that cause nervousness, anger, frustration or sadness. Most people can handle the level of stress they endure on a daily basis, either by shrugging it off or through some sort of activity. Unfortunately for some, it can be more difficult. Some turn to drugs and alcohol to help them cope with that pain. The problem is that this method is only temporary and eventually leads to more stress and anxiety.

There have been (and will continue to be) studies that analyze the root causes of substance abuse and addiction. These studies not only assess the verbal analysis of individual’s state of mind but also their levels of various naturally created chemicals in the body that are associated with stress and anxiety. The pressures of modern day life are excessive and will continue to be, therefore it is essential for people to understand the right way to cope with that pressure. When it is allowed to boil over, which is natural at times, dealing with it is paramount to a healthy life. Therefore, it is essential to find healthy ways of coping with stress and anxiety, so as to continue a successful college career and eventual professional one.

Stress, Anxiety and College Students

The high level of competition in the world has spilled over into the realm of education and onto the plates of students in college. The pressure of performing at one’s best in sports, activities and in courses can be immense. College students must find healthy ways to cope with that stress and anxiety that is caused by academic pressure. Playing sports or engaging in constructive school activities are the best ways to handle that pressure. Yoga and meditation are wonderful sources of rejuvenation and refocus. If the stress of college gets to be too much or can see it in someone else, contact Choices rehabilitation services at their website: or by phone the number 1-844-736-8541.



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