Modern day colleges are drastically changing from the days of tradition. Today there is so much competition that it is driving you adults crazy. Sports, clubs, internships and academics are measured and compared across the globe. College students are placed under an immense amount of stress to perform and outperform their competition. The college athletic programs now rival some of the professional ones. College sports generates millions of dollars worth of profit that get reinjected to their program and other academics at their universities. Top colleges are difficult to get into, but provide graduates with a dynamic network of alumni’s, which help them get the jobs of their dreams. Do to this increased pressure and stress placed on today’s college students they are more willing to do whatever it takes to excel. Unfortunately, it is leading students to use study drugs to improve their productivity. Adderall is one of the many drugs being misused by students to get an edge on their competition.

Adderall the Drug

Adderall is a central nervous system stimulant. It is most commonly known to be prescribed for those suffering from Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. When this drug is taken as directed by a physician. This medication can help individuals concentrate better. It is most commonly referred to as the sit still drug, which was why it became popular and prescribed for in the past. The drug works on the central nervous system by stimulating various parts to increase focus. While the drug is safe for medical use, it can also be very dangerous if it is abused.

Adderall the Study Drug

Indiana college and life in general has become very difficult for people to succeed and become happy with their positions. Society’s opinion on how individuals should be, live and act continue to distort the images of a happy life. Some are able to cut through this horrible vail and find happiness, while others fall victim to the always changing image of a good life. That constant change, challenge and pressure from the world/society has pushed young adults to their breaking points. Since college is the time that leads young adults into the world of a career and their own success they push themselves to be the best. Adderall has become the number one study ‘helper’ of college students. Prescription drugs are steadily becoming the most commonly abused drug in the country. It is high on college students list of drugs they regularly abuse. When abused some students feel a stricter sense of focus and energy. This allows them to study twice as long, which they believe to help them cram for tests. The truth is that these drugs have yet to provide any statistical proof in how it helps students increase scores. In fact, there are a number of studies that have found that students who abuse the drug have lower test scores than those who have not used the drug. What is even more alarming is that the drug is very dangerous. Most students do not see the danger in this drug because they believe it to be safe. Their false sense of safety comes from the idea that the drug is legally made, distributed and sold. Students see the drug as a legal way to increase their grades. Indiana colleges are experiences higher rates of college students using these study drugs.

Problem with Adderall

A major problem with Adderall is that people think that it is safe to take without a prescription. Since the drug is taken regularly by so many, those without a prescription think the drug is safe. This drug has potential for addiction and many young students are falling victim to the drug. Students can experience difficulty sleeping, periods of excessive sleeping , loss of appetite and jitters. The mind often becomes cloudy and unfocused sometimes to the point of severe discomfort. Withdrawal from Adderall can cause severe depression and extreme mood swings.



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