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It is not unusual for substance abusers and addicts to believe that what they do with drugs or alcohol is their business, that it affects no one else and that they don’t need help from anyone. Few sober and healthy individuals have this idea about life in general, and acknowledge that things they do can affect others and that they sometimes need help and support from others to make it through challenges and difficulties presented in life.

a substance abuser participates in rehabilitation treatment services, one of the many things they have to recognize is how their substance abuse and addiction problems have affected others, and that it is their responsibility to repair the damages that their substance abuse has caused for self and others. They also have to learn how to rebuild relationships and restructure their life so that they can have a healthy, happy future. Lifelong recovery is possible, but it requires some effort on the part of the individual.

How to Achieve Recovery from Substance Abuse

Following are five important tips that can help an individual establish and maintain lifelong recovery:

1. Take care of oneself

It’s true that a recovering individual may have many damages to repair with others, requiring lots of care and attention. However, it is also very important that the individual take care of himself, which can include establishing a nutrition and exercise program, as well as participating in relaxing activities such as warm baths, longs walks and more.

2. Participate in enjoyable activities

It can be difficult to maintain a happy, healthy recovery if one does not have enjoyable activities to fill their time with. Some such activities can include going out boating with friends, playing sports or enjoying a game night with family members. These enjoyable activities can help the recovering individual reconnect with the pleasures in life, further cementing their commitment to recovery.

3. Pay attention to positive things

Since it is often the problems and challenges of life that drive an individual into drug and alcohol use in the first place, an important part of establishing lifelong recovery includes focusing on the positive things in life. These can be things that the individual himself contributed to, like a clean house, or things that they notice around them, like a friend’s achievement in school or at work. By focusing on the positive, it can improve the recovering individual’s mental and emotional health, and allow them to see the benefits of living a sober life.

4. Build strong relationships with friends and family


A simple fact of life is that it can often be difficult or overwhelming, and individuals need support, encouragement and love from friends and family in order to push through. Substance abuse and addiction can cause an individual to isolate him from those that care about him, so it is important during recovery to re-establish these connections and strengthen them. In so doing, many individuals find that they are not alone in experiencing difficulties in their life, and that even talking with trusted friends can help them feel much better.


5. Reach out for help when and if necessary


There is no magical, surefire method by which an individual can recover from substance abuse and addiction and never need any help or support again in the future. That’s not to say that substance abuse and addiction are permanent conditions that an individual can never fully recover from, it simply points out the fact that it is perfectly normal for recovered individuals to encounter some challenges that necessitate receiving help from others. It is far better to reach out for help than to try to struggle on alone, and the truth is that help is always available.


An individual who is committed to recovery and works hard to achieve and maintain it will enjoy the great reward of a healthy, happy and productive life.



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