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Who Is Your Average Heroin User

In 1995, heroin was involved in nearly fourteen percent of all drug-related emergency room visits across the country – over seventy-two thousand admissions. Heroin is arguably one of the most addictive and dangerous drug substances currently available, with some individuals reporting that they suffered from addiction after just one hit of heroin. While heroin, and

Is Promiscuity Related to Substance Abuse

The complexity of substance abuse and addiction problems means that they are rarely well understood and they are difficult to resolve. An individual who hopes to attend rehabilitation treatment for two to four weeks, during which time they abstain from drug use and participate in some individual and group counseling, and in so doing successfully

Which Food and Drinks Are Bad For Recovery

Recovering from substance abuse and addiction requires that an individual address the many causes and effects of substance abuse and restructure their life environments, patterns and routines so that substance abuse does not occur again in their future. This can include learning how to communicate well with others and how to handle problems and difficulties